It has been seven months since the publicist and the instagramer announced their separation after five years of marriage and a daughter in common. It seems that their relationship is cordial and they have even rebuilt their lives in record time: Laura Scanes with the singer Alvaro de Luna y Risto Mejide with the pharmacist Natalia Almarch. However, this Thursday the premieres of his latest professional projects have been stepped on: he has presented a book and she a podcast on the same day and at the same time. Coincidence, marketing or bad milk?

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the jury of Got Talent has visited this thursday Ana Rosa’s program and he hasn’t cut a hair when shouting his new love to the rooftops: “Yes, I’m in love.” The writer, who presents his work sixteen notesin which he deals with the difference in age between Johann Sebastian Bach and his second wife (16 years old, even younger than the one that separates him from his last couples), is full of joy: “I fall in love with the person regardless of your age”.

She has done the same in the afternoon. Escanes made his podcast (Between the sky and the clouds) live and with the public for the first time and has attended various media, which have not been cut when asked about the book of his ‘ex’: “I have taken the difference of age naturally, it didn’t go well and that can happen to any couple, nothing more. I hope they are very successful and do very well”.

Laura, who is not a friend of gossip, has also answered (and willingly) questions about her new romance with Álvaro de Luna, the fashionable singer: “I dare not interview him on my podcast nor does he. We would have to agree. Maybe we should wait a while, as Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have done, at three years old,” she said with a smile.