Risto celebrates his professional success after his separation from Laura Escanes: “I really wanted to”

Although the reasons for their separation have not been revealed, the rumors of infidelity on the part of Laura Scanes towards Risto Mejide They are getting stronger and stronger. Above all, after some photos of the influencer were published snogging with the singer Alvaro de Luna.

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While she has already rebuilt her life, a month after the announcement of her breakup, the publicist is focused on his work. This Friday, Mejide shared on her Instagram account the promo for Traveling with Chesterthe talk show that returns to Cuatro with a new season.

Added to this is that Mediaset has trusted Mejide and Marilo Montero to give the chimes this new year’s eve. It should also be remembered that the father of Roma and Julio is in charge of Everything is a lie since 2019 and as a jury of Got Talent Spain since the second edition in 2017.

In his facet as an entrepreneur, he is not doing badly either. Risto owns Before Share, a company that is the parent of some other, including the one he still shares with his ex-wife. Mejide and Escanes are partners in Tuyyoque Studios, which is dedicated to the “leasing of intellectual property and similar products, except works protected by copyright.” According to Weekboth appear as proxies and in the last year they entered more than half a million euros.

Laura, for her part, is co-owner of a hairdressing salon in Madrid. But her main source of income is social networks, where she accumulates almost two million followers. Her work as an influencer has led her to collaborate with brands such as Women Secret or Shein.