Risto, after Laura Escanes’ snogging with Álvaro de Luna: “In the end, one is the result of his successes and his mistakes”

Risto Mejide (47) has shared a significant publication on Instagram after the images of Laura Scanes (26) with another man, the Sevillian singer Alvaro de Luna (28), with whom she would have begun her relationship a few months ago (after her alleged affair with Mister Jägger and before the official announcement of his separation with the publicist on September 25).

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Risto, apparently, does not hold a “grudge” against his ex and wrote this Wednesday: “In the end, one is the result of his successes and his mistakes, it all adds up. And what happens between two adults who love each other is so sacred like the arpeggio that joins those sixteen notes and turns them into a work of art”.

Roma’s father refers to the exciting moment of Got Talent in which he sent a message of love to the mother of his daughter. The program aired this Tuesday, but was recorded this summer. Then, the marriage (which is separated by 20 years of difference) hurried its last days in the midst of a sentimental crisis that, finally, ended in a breakup. A delicate moment that Risto shared (in his own way) by playing on the piano a fragment of a work composed by the wife of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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“It was not the best interpretation of Bach that you will hear, I know. But I do know that it is the moment in which I have ever felt the most emotional on television. Last night Johann Sebastian Bach was played in the prime time of a general channel. And I I was there to send that message,” said Risto. He has closed the publication with a message of thanks to his followers: “Thank you for all your comments. You are incredible.”

Roma’s mother has been photographed this weekend with the Sevillian musician in Tenerife, to where they escaped with some friends to enjoy the bridge. In the photos of lectures, appear taking a snog near Teide. A kiss that speaks for itself.