“Right now I would not play the US Open, there is a risk of contagion”

Benoit Paire was the last tennis player to raise his voice before the possible celebration of the US Open in New York despite the increase in infections in the United States in recent weeks in states such as California, Texas or Florida.

Speaking to RMC Sport, Paire was emphatic in answering whether he would play in New York right now. “I wouldn't go to New York right now. When I see the current situation and the conditions to participate I prefer to wait to play in tournaments in Europe such as Madrid or Rome. A month ago I was thinking 'the situation is better, bars and restaurants are reopening', but now it is a disaster. It takes a lot of risk to go play there. And if we go, there is also risk because there are many cases in the area. “

Paire also exposes that playing the US Open could trigger a quarantine period that could make many players not play in other tournaments such as Madrid or Rome. “Playing in New York is at risk of contamination. I am the first to want to go, play tennis and travel, because it is our life. If you go there with risk and you have to pass a quarantine on the return, it is difficult because you will play the US Open but you sacrifice Madrid and Rome. In addition, you have to find flights to bequeath and get out of there. If there is a financial restriction or if the season stops, I prefer not to play and stay alive and in good health. “

The Frenchman also highlighted the hard return to activity and how he has suffered physical problems due to the long inactivity caused by confinement, which has prevented him from training normally. “I have had some problems since the return, it is normal after not having been able to do anything for two months of confinement. Physically I am not well. I had discomfort in the shoulder, then in the knee and I was not able to train normally. I have to be careful because I don't know when tennis will resume, whether at the US Open or in Washington. It is difficult for us and especially for me, who am not a big fan of training. I need two or three weeks to be in top shape. “