Rienda: “The gold of the ‘Hispanics’ is the recognition of the work of an impressive generation”

MADRID, Jan. 26 (SportsFinding) –

The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), María José Rienda, stressed that the victory, by 22-20, of the Spanish handball team against Croatia in the final of the European Championship, played this Sunday in Stockholm, “is the recognition of the work of an impressive generation, “and congratulated himself on the classification of the 'Hispanics' for the Tokyo Olympics.

“It's a luxury. We are in luck in the Spanish sport. We have an impressive generation. It has been an incredible game, a final that has had us in suspense at all times. It is the recognition of the work and the trajectory of many years behind. they deserved that victory and the pass to the Olympic Games, “he said in statements provided by the CSD press office.

María José Rienda, who traveled to Stockholm on Saturday to support the 'Hispanics' in the final phase, stressed that Jordi Ribera's team “has the experience of veterans and the audacity of youth.” “They coordinate well and know how to get the best out of themselves and today they have shown it on the track. It's a spectacular weekend, to frame: the water polo girls winning the European and we cross our fingers that the boys also win”, Indian.

In this regard, Rienda stressed the “very important effort” that the Council has made with the budgetary modification in this Olympic year. “Since the CSD a very important effort has been made with the modification of budgets and the extension and 'twenty-one' million have been taken out for the federations through the collections. We are very proud that this money helps in the Pre-Olympic Games and where the Athlete needs so that in the year of the Games they are classified and give their best, “he said.