The singer Ricky Martin51, has received one of the best news that could reach his ears: he will not face charges for the sexual assault and domestic violence lawsuit filed by his twenty-something nephew Dennis.

The San Juan prosecutor's office has determined that the case could not be opened due to the inconsistency of evidence presented, as announced by the Puerto Rico Department of Justice.

It must be remembered that this story began in July 2022 when Dennis obtained a protection order against his uncle for, according to him, a series of alleged non-consensual sexual encounters since he was 11 years old. This order, however, was later filed at the request of the young man himself. The singer then filed a complaint against his nephew for extortion, damages and prejudice. In November 2022, the courts granted the interpreter of The Bitten a protection order for harassment against his nephew, extended for one year. However, the nightmare did not end there because, in the middle of this year, Dennis made the decision to countersue him, demanding up to ten million dollars.

The singer, who always pleaded innocent of the accusations, insisting that the allegations were completely false, could face up to a fifty-year prison sentence if he lost his defense. Now, free of the shadow that hung over his figure, the Puerto Rican breathes easily again, leaving behind this nightmare that could have changed his life with a one hundred and eighty degree turn.