Revilla updates his wife’s health status in ‘El Hormiguero’: “She had horrible moments with the chemo”

Miguel Angel Revilla He returned this Wednesday to The Anthill after his last visit in January. In his conversation with Pablo Motosthe former president of Cantabria has updated the state of his wife’s health, Aurora Diazwho has accompanied him again on the set of Antena 3.

“She had horrible moments with the chemo, but the tests they recently did are going well. She has more pending. Above all, I see her in very good spirits. She goes with me everywhere,” Revilla revealed. His wife, smiling, greeted him from the audience area. He and Motos have frequent conversations on the phone in which they also talk about Aurora and her health problems.

When asked how Revilla remains so well at 80 years old, he said: “I have fruit, fruit and fruit for dinner. I don’t drink at night. But outside they know that they have to give me a shot or a whiskey, and naturally when “Someone gives me a ride. You should know that I have passed seven alcohol tests throughout my life,” he explained with the humor that characterizes him so much.

The president of Cantabria and his current wife met more than 20 years ago. She was secretary at the headquarters of the PRC (Regionalist Party of Cantabria). They have a daughter, Lara, 24 years old, and they live in Astillero, very close to Santander.

On his previous visit to The Anthill recalled the beginnings of their relationship: “I am 17 years older than her. I am neither Tom Cruise nor Bertín Osborne nor these people. It is true that she was very supportive of me because she was affiliated with the party and had me as a leader. I have I have had three kidney operations. On a television program, someone must have sensed that I needed a transplant, and six people offered to donate a kidney to me. The first thing I did was ask who those people were and why they were doing it. Who “Is one of the people who showed up? Aurora Díaz, my wife.”

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