Returning to the appointment of Leonor as Adoptive Daughter of Mallorca: why in Zaragoza and not on the Balearic island?

Leonor, Adopted Daughter of Mallorca. It is the proposal of the Mallorcan Consell made up of PP and Vox. Initially, she had agreed with the support of the PSIB as well. However, the abstention of the Socialist Party has stopped this initiative. The Consell’s intention is to raise the proposal to a plenary session this Wednesday the 13th. A blockade that Casa Real follows closely, according to Confidential Monarchy. The eldest daughter of the Kings received the title of Adoptive Daughter of Zaragoza on May 21.

The intention of granting this appointment to the Princess of Asturias responds to a recognition of “his close bond with the island and its traditions since, since his childhood, he has spent a large part of his summers in Mallorca”, according to the Government team. After the change of course of the PSIB, which with its abstention, stopped the initiative, the insular Minister of the Presidency, Antoni Fuster, declared to the press “not understanding” the reasons why the socialist group that at first, “when put the name of Princess Leonor on the table”, to propose her as Adoptive Daughter of Mallorca “they said yes” and finally decided to abstain. This turn would cause the initiative to fail because a majority of three-quarters of the regional Chamber is needed: that is, 25 votes, and PP and Vox only have 18 councilors.

For its part, the Balearic PSOE justified its change of mind because it considered that this proposal represented “a political instrumentalization” of the Royal House by the island president, Llorenç Galmés. This was stated at a press conference by the socialist spokesperson, Catalina Cladera, who stated that Galmés “must give explanations to the Royal House.” “This summer, when he sees the King, he must explain “why he has instrumentalized the Crown and the Royal House at this time,” he said. He also explained that the candidacies for Honors and Distinctions are “historically” carried out in a “rigorous and silent”, and accused the Government parties, PP and Vox, of “previously leaking” this information to the press in order, he expressed, to condition the positions of the different parties. The initiative for this appointment for the heiress started from the National Monarchical Brotherhood, publishes Confidential Monarchy.

Why yes in Zaragoza and no in Mallorca?

It so happens that the Plenary Session of the Zaragoza City Council approved on April 25 the granting of the title of Adoptive Daughter of the Aragonese capital to Princess Leonor after the mayor, Natalia Chueca, raised the proposal for debate. The purpose of this distinction was to recognize people who have stood out for their merits or qualities, especially in the cultural, scientific, social, artistic, political or economic fields, or for services provided for the benefit of the city. In this case, the proposal went ahead with the support of PP, PSOE and Vox. ZeC (Zaragoza en Común) opposed it. Leonor received the distinction on May 21.