Return of suffering and old normality

Last Friday's defeat against Malaga against Huesca left very worrying feelings beyond the possible damage caused by the refereeing work, VAR includedor, in the mentioned match. The feeling of suffering returns and the optimistic speech is muffled, suddenly and with a thud. of many footballers who saw options to even climb into the playoff. For the malaguismo pain, the old normality returns, the one of the anxiety, somewhat compensated by the withdrawal of Abdullah Al Thani as manager of the club.

The rush of time to prepare for the next game, next Monday against Tenerife, makes the possibility that any of the four injured recover that they lost the duel against Huesca. Dani Pacheco and Benkhemasa suffer complicated injuries while Luis Hernández and Aarón Ñíguez can force but they will not have it easy.

And to make matters worse, Lomban was expelled for an action riddled with doubts because the club understands that the central defender of Avilés did not touch Rada Mir in the play where the referee Moreno Delgado showed him the red card. Hence the Competition Committee is obliged to present an express claim to have this red card withdrawn that would prevent him from being in the match against Tenerife. As you can see, the situation that Sergio Pellicer must face is difficult.

Iván Jaime, ninth youth player to debut

Iván Jaime is the ninth youth squad to be released in this difficult season. The midfielder joins goalkeepers Kellyan and Gonzalo, defenders Ismael Casas, Cristo Romero and Juande, midfielder Ramón Enríquez and forwards Julio and Antoñín (transferred three months ago to Granada). This player must be joined by Luis Muñoz, Hicham, Kedi Bare and Hugo Vallejo (today at Deportivo). Iván Jaime had entered four previous calls.

Keidi Bare's analysis

Analysis of the match against Huesca. “It was a difficult game, they marked us in the first minutes and we fell apart. But we have removed it and we have marked a penalty. His expulsion has given us life. We have failed in several things and they have taken advantage. We have to keep moving forward. ”

Think about Tenerife “We have to look forward because on Monday we have another game. In each match you have to score because it will give us life and I hope to get the three points in Tenerife ”.

Message to the fans “The fans always support us, they are player number 12. We have to get this out for them and leave Málaga as high as possible.”

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