Relaño publishes '366 (and more) stories from the Olympic Games that you should know'


The journalist, commentator and writer Alfredo Relaño publishes the book '366 (and more) stories from the Olympic Games that you should know', a 'bible' that collects the anecdotes and curiosities of the protagonists of the largest sporting event on the calendar that the baron founded Pierre de Coubertin.

The book, which goes on sale this Wednesday, starts in the remote times of the Games in Olympia (Greece) and its 896 pages parade the great heroes of the Olympics and also some villains, as well as the political events that affected the event. . A separate section is also included for the winter editions.

Thus Johnny Weissmuller, Jesse Owens, Abebe Bikila, Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, Mark Spitz, Nadia Comaneci, Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, Fermín Cacho, Cathy Freeman, Michael Phelps, Mireia Belmonte or Usain Bolt, among others, are some of his protagonists.

Born in Madrid in 1951, Alfredo Relaño studied at the Higher School of Civil Engineers and the Faculty of Law until he opted for journalism. He graduated from the Official School of Journalism in Madrid and began his professional career at Marca, a task that he combined very early on with the Madrid correspondent for Mundo Deportivo in Barcelona.

From there he went to Pueblo and Arriba, until in 1976 he joined the founding team of the newspaper El País as sports editor. Since then he has always worked in the media of the PRISA group, the publishing company of El País. In 1987 he joined the SER network as sports director, a position from which he promoted the creation of the program El Larguero, for whose leadership he appointed José Ramón de la Morena.

With the launch of the Canal+ television channel by the same business group, he joined its founding group in 1989 as sports director.

He is the author of 'Futbolcedario', 'Football told with simplicity', 'So many World Cups, so many stories', 'Memories in black and white' and 'The last minute', as well as co-author, with Enrique Ortego, of ' Gracias, Vieja ', which narrates the memories of Alfredo Di Stéfano.

In Espasa he has published 'Born to bother (a comparative history of Madrid and Barça)' and '366 stories from world football that you should know'. Currently, he is honorary president of the newspaper As, maintains a column in As, a weekly collaboration in El País and works as a match commentator on Cadena SER.