Reinier, injured: about two weeks off

Reinier Jesus (18 years old) suffers a break in the right femoral biceps, as AS could know. This has been shown by the result of the resonance that was submitted yesterday Monday in Valdebebas, after which a withdrawal period of about two weeks has been estimated. It is nothing serious, but given your situation there will be no unnecessary risks.

The Brazilian, who had been training with the first team since May 27, must now stop for a while. The reason has its origin in the pain he felt when shooting on goal during the session last Friday. Then it was thought that there would be an injury, although not of great consideration, and we waited for the inflammation to subside to carry out the examinations that shed light on the matter.

An exciting touchdown

Confirmed the mishap, Reinier, who this Tuesday already experienced less discomfort in the affected area, He will continue with his day to day in Valdebebas. It will be at Ciudad Real Madrid where it will be a matter of recovering soon and, above all, well. Not being able to play league games because the white club has the full quota of non-EU members (Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao), there is no rush.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Both Real Madrid and the player they value this almost month of adaptation to the first team very positively. From the offices and the technical staff, in addition to the quality of Reinier, they stand out his personality to show his qualities and his way of integrating among so many stars; The presence of the other five Brazilians in the dressing room has been key to this. The playmaker, meanwhile, He is hallucinating with everything, from Zidane and his collaborators, to his colleagues, the facilities and each professional of each department of Valdebebas.