Red-and-white trampoline

The rojiblanco subsidiary undergoes a stage of change. Although the results are not being as expected, the truth is that many players are jumping hard on a springboard that drives them to new destinations. Rodenas has landed in the Cordova. Mariano in the Ferrol. German He will do the same at Tenerife on loan and without forgetting the signing of Garces for him Fuenlabrada, as a highlight.

Operations that ratify the great changes in the subsidiary, where most of them are positive for footballers. Garcés and Germán make the leap to the elite after their start in the Atleti B and they do it under the role of stars. The position of the Atleti B It is not the most desired, but talent management is totally evident. An example reminiscent of this type of operation is the transfer of a very young Saul to the Lightning in 2013.

Athletic Shield / Flag

These processes help a lot so that the pearls can be used in large teams. That is the main objective of every academy and in the mattress entity all effort is rewarded with this type of opportunity.

It remains to be seen if B finally achieves the desired goal of stay in Second B in a complicated year since the Second B Pro will be created, thus increasing the categories of Spanish football.