Rebecca Loos explodes after watching David Beckham’s documentary: “It makes me look like a liar”

David (48) y Victoria Beckham (49) do not mention Rebecca Loos (46) in his controversial Netflix documentary. However, the former soccer player and his wife let us read between the lines that Rebecca was the cause of a major crisis in his marriage. Two decades later, Beckham’s former assistant puts an end to endless years of rumors and accusations.

“He can say whatever he wants, of course, and I understand that he has an image to preserve, but he presents himself as the victim and makes me look like a liar, as if I made up these stories. He is indirectly suggesting that it is me who has made Victoria suffer,” Loos said this Saturday in the British newspaper Daily Mail.

Likewise, the former model assured that the most complicated thing for her was seeing Victoria in the documentary on the American platform. “It was incredibly difficult,” she said. “I think if he had wanted to mention this moment and how difficult it was, it would have been really nice for him to have said ‘it wasn’t my proudest moment.’ The worst thing for me is that he says he didn’t like seeing his wife suffer. “That bothered me. Because he is the one who caused the suffering,” added the former Real Madrid player’s lover.

Although the controversy of the documentary has affected Rebecca, the actress is away from the spotlight. Currently, she lives in Norway with her husband and her two children, where she teaches yoga and meditation classes.

Rebecca Loos reveals how she texted David Beckham

When Rebecca and David were lovers, the former model received a message from Beckam’s bodyguard. “Are you texting David right now?” the security staff asked Loos.

“We were texting and it was fun. Suddenly, I got a text from the Spanish bodyguard saying, ‘Stop. He shows it to his friends and they all laugh.’ Now I see it differently,” the former recalled. model in Daily Mail.