Real Sociedad – Sevilla in live

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Min. 00Very decaffeinated second half at the Reale Arena in which the Royal Society wanted to take the lead in the match, but failed to even set up a shot between the three sticks of Bono's goal, who had a relatively quiet encounter. Those of Imanol Alguacil have not found spaces, they have not even leaked dangerous balls into the area despite having had more possession. Sevilla had the clearest action in the second half, a heads-up between En-Nesyri and Remiro, although the Sevilla striker ended up sending the ball to the side of the net due to lack of precision in the shot. The first half at the Reale Arena was much more lively after a good start from the txuri-urdin, whose fire managed to quickly extinguish the Seville team with two goals from Fernando and En-Nesyri in a matter of one minute, and they were awarded three essential points to certify a place for the Champions League, and to tighten the fight for the title: with 64 points (although with one more game), it is three points behind the leader, Atlético de Madrid, with 67 (and that disputes at 16 his match against Eibar), one of the third place, Real Madrid (65) and two of the second, Barça (66).

Min. 90END OF THE MEETING! Sevilla takes the three points and, with 64 in the standings, gets fully into the fight for LaLiga, as it would be (although with one more game) three points behind the leader, Atlético de Madrid (67).

Min. 903 extra minutes at the Reale Arena!

Min. 90The second change is Ocampos for Franco Vázquez.

Min. 90Changes in Sevilla! En-Nesyri leaves and Luuk de Jong enters to play the final minutes of the match.

Min. 88The ball travels through the Sevilla area with great danger after a corner kick in favor of Real Sociedad, and it is Le Normand who combs it! Acuña has to clear and gives the txuri-urdin a new corner.

Min. 85The Sevilla bench asked for a clear foul by Zubeldia on En-Nesyri that the referee did not whistle.

Min. 84New change in the ranks of the Royal Society, Barrenetxea leaves and Portu enters.

Min. 81Januzaj's corner comes out very close and goes straight down the baseline. He wanted to surprise by throwing the ball at the near post, but ended up sending the ball directly into the net.

Min. 80Good arrival from Real Sociedad! Januzaj filters the pass into the area for Gorosabel, but Gudelj is alert and sends the ball to the corner. There will be a corner kick for the locals.

Min 79Between changes and reprimands, the second half at the Reale Arena has lost the shine of the first. The only clear chance remains that of En-Nesyri.

Min. 78The admonished Joan Jordán also leaves and Gudelj enters the field of play.

Min. 78Lopetegui responds to the changes in Real Sociedad and also moves the bench: Papu Gómez leaves and Óliver Torres enters.

Min. 75The last change of the Real: Carlos Fernández leaves and Gorosabel enters.

Min. 75The second substitution is Oyarzabal for Adnan Januzaj.

Min. 75Move bench Imanol Alguacil! The first change of the txuri-urdin is Elustundo by Jon Guridi.

Min. 74Yellow card for Ander Barrenetxea after a lateral foul on Acuña. The third warning for a Real player, the fifth of the match at the Reale Arena.

Min. 72Joan Jordán is booked for hitting Ander Guevara with his arm.

Min. 71Second half much more leisurely and with less sevillista dominance. La Real is fighting the ball, but they cannot reach the area or have clear chances.

Min. 69FACT: Mikel Oyarzabal has participated in a total of four goals in his last four LaLiga games against Sevilla (three goals and one assist) but has failed to score in any of his five games against the Nervionenses in the competition at the Reale Arena.

Min. 67For now, the only clear chance in the second half has come from the boots of En-Nesyri, who failed in hand-to-hand with Remiro and sent the ball to the side of the net.

Min. 67First change of the game, and it is Lopetegui who moves the bench first: Suso leaves and Rakitic enters.

Min. 65Bono stopped and Barrenetxea tried with a volley! After the closed corner, the Sevilla goalkeeper came out to clear the ball with his fists, the rebound fell to the boots of the txuri-urdin player, but he did not manage to impale the ball well and the play ended without too much danger.

Min. 65New corner kick in favor of a Real Sociedad that is having more ball than Sevilla, but without clear chances and with difficulties to strike in the area.

Min. 64New warning for a Real Sociedad striker, this time for Isak, who stomps Acuña on the right side.

Min. 62Low center from the left of Isak who was looking to connect with Oyarzábal in the area, but cleared the Seville defense. There will be a corner kick in favor of the txuri-urdin.

Min. 60Second yellow card of the match, this time for a Real Sociedad player. Carlos Fernández fouls Diego Carlos and is booked.

Min. 59FACT: Julen Lopetegui remains undefeated in his three games as coach against Real Sociedad (3P, 2V 1E), all three played in LaLiga.

Min. 56OUT ON-NESYRI! Again the Seville striker with a very clear chance to score. He receives on the left side after a long ball from Diego Carlos, the forward wins the position to Le Normand, starts driving and shoots in the face to face with Remiro, although he defines with little precision and sends the ball to the side of the net . Again forgiving Sevilla, with which it has been clearer in the second half for Lopetegui's.

Min. 55Again Le Normand takes a good blow after a collision with Koundé. Accident minutes at the Reale Arena.

Min. 53The free kick thrown by Oyarzábal walks through the area without finding a finisher. Le Normand is lying in the area after a fall while trying to shoot. The referee is reviewing the play, but it seems that there is nothing punishable in the action.

Min. 52Joan Jordán's foul on Isak, who was driving the ball on the right, in a new attempt by the txuri-urdin to get oil in the area. There will be a dangerous chance from a set piece for Imanol Alguacil's players.

Min. 52Yellow card, the first of the match, for Diego Carlos, who stuck his arm out in an air dispute with Carlos Fernández.

Min. 50Suso is encouraged from long distance, but the shot goes off the left post of Remiro's goal.

Min. 48No changes in this second half, but it seems that Real starts this second half with the intention of stepping on the rival area more assiduously.


Min. 01FACT: With his first-half goal, Youssef En-Nesyri has scored six LaLiga goals against Real Sociedad, his highest number against the same opponent in the competition. Favourite.

Min. 01The script of the match has changed very quickly and Real Sociedad has ended up suffering in the first half and having defensive imbalances that have allowed Sevilla to go to rest with an advantage on the scoreboard. Fernando is very active in the area, En-Nesyri fights them all and the txuri-urdin team is suffering with every action of the Seville team, especially from set pieces.

Min. 01First half of heart attack that began with a clear dominance of Real Sociedad, who managed to get ahead on the scoreboard after a goal by Carlos Fernández in the fifth minute of the game. After the goal, Sevilla wanted to react and little by little he was cutting meters in the rival area. The chances were more and more forceful and clearer, until in a matter of a minute, Lopetegui's men managed to turn the scoreboard, first with a goal from Fernando and then with one from En-Nesyri, who had a first half. in which the sticks and Remiro have taken away the option to increase the score. En-Nesyri has had up to two clubs, as well as some very strong saves from Remiro (who has made up to 4 stops in this first half).

Min. 45REST IN THE REALE ARENA! Nothing is added and the game goes to rest with Sevilla ahead on the scoreboard.

Min. 44The Real Sociedad now combines after many minutes of dominance by the Hispanics.

Min. 41Final minutes of the first half, and it seems that the rest will be better for Real Sociedad, which is suffering a lot to stop a Sevilla that is having bad fortune and that could have a much larger score at this point of the meeting if not for Remiro and for the two suits.

Min 39ANOTHER STICK OF SEVILLE! Again the wood intervenes to avoid giving the goal to the Seville team. Papu Gómez hung up the corner, Koundé combed it, Fernando received in the small area and assists En-Nesyri, who from the right post of Remiro's goal tries to finish off, but finds himself with the post again. Real Sociedad having a hard time with each Sevilla attack, especially from set pieces.

Min 38Acuna center that Koundé wanted to finish off, but the play ended with a corner in favor of Sevilla committed by Barrenetxea.

Min 37DOUBLE OCCASION FOR SEVILLE! First it was Koundé with a very powerful header after a center with a thread from Joan Jordán, and after the great stop by Remiro, the rejection fell to Fernando, who from the area dared again with the shot, although this time the ball went through above the goal. The goalkeeper of the txuri-urdin is saving his team.

Min. 34Real Sociedad, which had started the game better, is missing in the rival area after Carlos Fernández's goal. Oyarzábal had some occasion that was blocked by the Seville defense, but since then, the dominance and the reins of the party fall on Lopetegui's team.

Min 33FACT: Sevilla have scored 11 header goals this season in LaLiga, a figure only surpassed by Real Madrid (13). He did not score as many goals this way in the competition since the 2014/15 campaign (13).

Min. 31A very powerful shot from Ocampos from the front of the area! Great play by the Seville team that starts with En-Nesyri driving on the right, changes orientation looking for his Argentine teammate, who bodies and finishes with all possible strength, although Remiro is attentive and catches the ball. It seems that the Argentine has recovered from the discomfort he suffered at the beginning of the match, and with which it seemed that he could be substituted.

Min. 30The rhythm of the game slows down a bit after the crazy minutes of play in which Sevilla attacked, dominated and scored the two goals that, for now, give them the three points in their visit to the Reale Arena.

Min. 29FACT: The Sevilla player, Youssef En-Nesyri, has scored six goals in LaLiga against Real Sociedad, his highest number against the same opponent in the competition (after the five against Eibar and Real Betis).

Min. 26Crazy minutes at the Reale Arena! Sevilla had warned with two very clear occasions from En-Nesyri, and little has tied Lopetegui's team in turning the scoreboard. First it was Fernando after a misalignment of the defense, and now it has been En-Nesyri taking advantage of a clearance by Remiro after a shot from Ocampos that was poisoned when he ran into Zubimendi.

Min. 25GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL OF EN-NESYRI! THE PARTY GOES CRAZY! Sevilla come back from the scoreboard in a matter of one minute, taking advantage of the knockout of the Real Sociedad defense. Ocampos drives the ball up front, looking to set up the shot, but Zubimendi rebounds the ball and the occasion is poisoned, forcing Remiro to stretch to prevent the ball from getting into the goal, however, he has the misfortune that he punt is bad and En-Nesyri comes across a gift in the small area to flip the scoreboard.

Min. 23GOOOOOOOOL OF FERNANDO! SEVILLA TIES AFTER SEVERAL CLEAR OCCASIONS! Huge defensive error by Real Sociedad, which failed to clear a ball that hung in its area and the midfielder took advantage of the communication error to put the tie on the scoreboard. Jesus Navas crossed from the right, Le Normand wanted to clear, but he did not understand with his teammates and gave the ball to Fernando, who did not fail in the face to face with Remiro.

Min. 22SAVE REMIRO! The corner thrown by Papu Gómez is combed by Fernando, who inadvertently gives a magnificent assist to En-Nesyri, who was placed on the left post of the Real Sociedad goalkeeper's goal just to push it. Remiro puts his body in and clears the ball. There are already two very clear occasions for the Sevilla striker.

Min. 20First corner kick in favor of Sevilla committed by Monreal.

Min. 19Attentive Guevara to cut off a dangerous action by Koundé, who was trying to progress quickly to the area from the right wing.

Min. 18The corner kick that Oyarzábal threw went very wide and could not connect with anyone at the far post.

Min. 17Favorable corner for Real Sociedad, committed by Jesús Navas. Great start for Imanol Alguacil.

Min. 16Now Oyarzabal tried twice in the front of the area, but both shots ran into the defense of the Seville team.

Min. 15A dynamic start at the Reale Arena, Carlos Fernández led the attack for the hosts and En-Nesyri had a very clear double chance a few minutes later.

Min. 11TO THE STICK EN-NESYRI! The one that Sevilla has just had a very clear chance. Suso puts a terrific cross into the area from the left, Ocampos combs it and progresses for En-Nesyri, who was on the left post of Remiro's goal ready to push it. Zubeldia makes him uncomfortable in the shot and Zubimendi is lucky to clear the danger after the ball hits the post. There was a later occasion after the rejection that the player himself wanted to finish off, but the play was invalidated by offside.

Min. 10FACT: Only against Barcelona (6P – 1E 5D) has Real Sociedad coach Imanol Alguacil directed more games in LaLiga, without winning any than against Sevilla (5P – 1E 4D).

Min. 09It seems that, after an early scare, Ocampos remains on the field of play and it seems that, for the moment, he will be able to continue on the field.

Min 07Carlos Fernández's first goal with Real Sociedad, which does not celebrate it after being a youth squad for the Seville team.

Min 06GOOOOOOOOOOL OF CARLOS FERNÁNEZ! NOW YES, SCORE THE REAL ONE! Fernández's second attempt enters the squad with a lot of power after the former Sevilla player received in the front of the area and impaled it with his left leg after receiving the ball from the right side.

Min. 04First shot of the match. Carlos Fernández is encouraged with a centered shot from the edge of the area, but the ball is caught by Bono without complications. The first timid attempt of the txuri-urdin.

Min. 03It seems that Ocampos is having physical problems in these early stages of the match. The Argentine looks at the bench, tries himself, but it seems that he will ask for the change. Heat up Rakitic.


Min. 00The 22 protagonists jump onto the pitch! Sunny morning at the Reale Arena.

Min. 006. Sevilla have scored 11 header goals this season in LaLiga, a figure only surpassed by Real Madrid (13). He did not score as many goals this way in the competition since the 2014/15 campaign (13).

Min. 005. Sevilla have scored in their last six away games in LaLiga (12 goals in total), their best streak this season. In his last game he scored four against Celta de Vigo, a figure that he had not achieved at home in the competition since September 2018 (2-6 against Levante).

Min. 004. Real Sociedad have only lost two of their last 13 home games in LaLiga (6V 5E) but it has been against two of the teams in the top four positions of the standings: 0-2 vs Atlético de Madrid in December 2020 and 1-6 vs Barcelona last March.

Min. 003. Sevilla have won in their last two away games in LaLiga against Basque rivals, vs Alavés and Eibar, and have not won in three consecutive matches since January 2011 – precisely the third of that streak was against Real Sociedad.

Min. 002. Sevilla have only won in one of their last nine visits to Real Sociedad in LaLiga (3E 5D), 0-4 in January 2017, after having won in their previous three (between 2006 and 2011).

Min. 001. Real Sociedad have not won in their last six matches against Sevilla in LaLiga (2E 4D) after having won four of the previous six against them in the competition (1E 1D).

Min. 00Let's go with some data prior to the start of the duel!

Min. 00On the Sevilla bench: Vaclik, Gnagnon, Rekik, Gudelj, Luuk de Jong, Rakitic, Munir, Óscar Rodríguez, Aleix Vidal, Óliver Torres, Franco Vázquez and Javi Díaz.

Min. 00Sevilla only makes a change with respect to the eleven that beat Celta in Balaídos in the previous day of LaLiga: Lopetegui enters Papu Gómez by Rakitic in the medullary. Thus, the line-up of the Seville team is made up of: Bono; Navas, Koundé, Diego Carlos, Acuña; Joan Jordán, Fernando, Papu Gómez; Ocampos, En-Nesyri, Suso. Lopetegui goes out with everything to certify that fourth place as soon as possible, and has an almost complete squad, with the only loss of Sergio Escudero, who has not yet returned to train with the squad.

Min. 00The bench of the txuri-urdin team is made up of: Portu, Januzaj, Guridi, Sagnan, Gorosabel, Bautista, Roberto López and Marrero.

Min. 00Alguacil has numerous casualties on his staff, as he will not be able to count on Illarramendi, injured in the calf, Mikel Merino, with a vertebral fissure, and neither on Aihen Muñoz, David Silva and Luca Sangalli.

Min. 00Imanol Alguacil makes three changes with respect to the eleven that drew against Valencia in Mestalla, gives entry to Zubeldia on the defensive line (removing Gorosabel), and Barrenetxea and Zubimendi will start as headlines in the center of the field (in the squares of Urko and Portu ). Thus, the Royal Society bets on: Remiro; Zubeldia, Elustondo, Le Normand, Monreal; Zubimendi, Barrenetxea, Guevara, Oyarzábal; and Carlos Fernández and Isak as offensive references.

Min. 00We already have confirmed lineups from both teams!

Min. 00Imanol Alguacil also praised the rival coach: “It is not easy for him in such a place, with many changes in the squad and, although the players are people with a lot of experience and a high level, what Julen is doing has enormous merit as a coach. ” Likewise, and despite having won the postponed final of the Copa del Rey (which Barça and Athletic played yesterday, and it was Koeman's team who won the 2020/21 season trophy), Alguacil considers that “the season It is not finished and entering the Europa League two years in a row would be something great. “

Min. 00“La Real is one of the best teams in the category, they handle all aspects of the game well and have definitive players at the top,” said Julen Lopetegui at a press conference prior to the game. In addition, the Basque coach praised the virtues of his compatriot, because “although he had not won the Cup final, Imanol's work is spectacular,” he said.

Min. 00Real Sociedad comes to this day with the intention of returning to the path of victory after drawing the last match played in domestic competition against Valencia (2-2). The Seville team, for their part, has won their last two LaLiga games against Celta away from home (3-4) and has Atlético de Madrid in their field (1-0).

Min. 00Thus, with two teams that want to close the season in the best possible way, the Reale Arena is preparing for a true European duel between two clubs that want to ensure their presence in continental competitions for next season.

Min. 00Real Sociedad, champion of the Copa del Rey 2019/20, breathes more calmly after Barça won the Copa del Rey 2020/21 and allows both the fifth and sixth places of the competition to come to Europe League, which gives more oxygen to the txuri-urdin, settled in the fifth place in the standings with 47 points, one place below the Hispanics, who are fourth with 61 points.

Min. 00Real Sociedad and Sevilla face each other in the middle of a fight for Europe, although those from Lopetegui have a sufficient cushion of points to close the fourth place in the standings, thus entering directly into the Champions League.

Min. 00Good afternoon and welcome to one of the matches that kick off LaLiga matchday 31!