Real Madrid will offer captain Sergio Ramos one more year

Sergio Ramos will continue two years more in the Real Madrid, at a minimum, after the club and the player agree on row in the same direction: both parts they want to renew. They have not yet sat on the table, as AS could know, but since at the end of last season there was a strong clash over the famous offer from China (which the captain himself numbered days later at a press conference), there is a pact tacit to extend a year plus the captain's contract, that in principle ended June 30, 2021. It is certain that the club will renew him for one more season, until 2022, maintaining the rule of going from year to year with his players from the age of 30 (Pepe did not accept it and left).

The Seville already cleared any speculation on bad vibes on the eve of the duel with City in Champions (February 25): “We are going through a moment with the great club in all aspects, so there is no rush from anyone. Let's come to an understanding regardless of what the club wants. I have never demanded two or three not four years. I understand that at a certain age they do it one year. They are trying to create a distance with the club that does not exist. If the club wants me to continue, I will continue here. “

Thus, the club makes sure the presence of team and locker room leader for two more seasons, which leaves him room to see if Militao progresses at once or if in the future he has to go to the market for another central of the future (Upamecano, French central of Leipzig, is the one that Zidane likes the most).

Ramos also sees his desire to continue fulfilled adding titles and greatness with Real Madrid, where it has been 15 years since he signed, coming from Seville for 27 million euros, being a 19-year-old boy in 2005 (in these three decades of white he accumulates 640 games and 91 goals). Ramos looks strong and with performance guarantees until he is 36 or 37 years old. At least.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

We must not forget that 2021 is the year of Eurocup and that in 2022 Will play the Qatar World Cup. In addition, it will be when the 'New' Bernabéu opens, which Sergio is motivated to be in that photo that is presumed historical. This year can be iconic because it could be his colophon triumphant with both Madrid and Spain (he has 170 internationalities). Then he will sit down with his family and weigh “whether to stretch the gum”, as his brother and representative René said last weekend in Onda Cero, or undertake an adventure that seduces you. The MLS has always caught his attention and Raúl has already told him what football is like there. The certain thing is that there is Sergio Ramos for a while. His physique remains 100% (he is at his ideal weight) and his ambition to win everything remains intact.