Real Madrid – Valencia live

Min. 00And this party has come this far !! Thanks for following him with us! We hope you enjoyed the meeting and its broadcast. Until next time!

Min. 00For its part, Real Madrid manages to continue in the fight for the head of LaLiga and puts pressure on Barça, which is two points away.

Min. 00Valencia comes out touched morally and physically from their defeat in Valdebebas. Beyond the result, Celades will have to face the next meeting with two more losses: the muscle injury of Francis Coquelin and the expulsion by direct red of Kang-In Lee. Little by little, he is coming down from the fight for the European positions, reaping just one point from the last six possible.

Min. 00In that sense, Asensio has scored again after one year, three months and 13 days (471 days later) after the match against Ajax in March 2019.

Min. 00Just a quarter of an hour was enough to prove that Marco Asensio can be decisive in Real Madrid's fight for the league title. The Balearic Islands today put an end to a long injury that lasted almost eleven months. And on his return, he has managed to score on the first touch with the ball he has had and has culminated his comeback with a goal assist for Karim Benzema.

Min. 00There is no rest for Benzema. The French continues to score at a high level, being the channeler of the offensive game and leaving quality details. Today he signs two goals that allow him to overcome Ferenc Puskas and place himself alone as the fifth highest historical scorer in the white box.

Min. 00Real Madrid take all three points !! With a double by Karim Benzema and a goal by Marco Asensio, the team led by Zinedine Zidane wins with authority and forcefulness to a Valencia (3-0) whose low physical form and accumulated fatigue ended up taking its toll. Those of Celades enjoyed two clear occasions to move the marker in the first half but was unable to continue in the second act. The best news in a white key is the return of Marco Asensio, with goal and assistance included.


Min. 90Valencia will face the final minutes with only nine men on the field. With no possibility of further changes, Coquelin has to withdraw from the field of play due to injury.

Min. 90More problems for Valencia. Coquelin, lying on the floor. It has broken!! He reaches out to his hamstrings.

Min. 90FOUR MINUTES DISCOUNT. We will leave until 94 '!

Min. 90DIRECT RED FOR KANG-IN LEE !!! The South Korean, unable to take the ball away from Sergio Ramos, throws three consecutive kicks without the possibility of contesting it. Sánchez Martínez expels him directly.

Min. 87Time has stopped. You cannot define in another way what Benzema has done to control a ball, remove the mark of the closest rival and send the leather to the bottom of the mesh. It has done magic.

Min. 87Asensio, goal … and assistance on his return to the fields.

Min. 87GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FROM KARIM BENZEMA !!!!! REAL MADRID 3-0 Valencia. Don't say goal … say great goal !! What action of Benzema to make the third! Rapid transition from Real Madrid with a pass from Asensio who is tamed with a touch by the Frenchman to finish with a shot to the entire squad.

Min. 86Cillesseeeeeeen !! To corner !! The Dutchman plays with the mitt to send off the direct free kick by Toni Kroos.

Min. 85In just a few minutes of play from his inning, Vinicius Junior is taking care of the amount of resources he has in speed. The Brazilian, now, has forced the yellow of Hugo Guillamón.

Min. 85Sánchez Martínez admonishes Hugo Guillamón for a hand.

Min. 83Asensio can't do the second one !! How generous Vinicius Junior has been !! The Brazilian exploits all his speed in the left lane, steps on the area and gives in for the arrival of the Balearic, who cannot complete the auction in anticipation of Gayá.

Min. 83New change in the ranks of Real Madrid. Hazard leaves his place to Vinicius Junior.

Min. 81With Marco Asensio's target, Real Madrid continues to be the team with the most different scorers in the five major leagues in Europe this season (20).

Min. 80Exhibition of Sergio Ramos in the second period. The one of Beds, forceful to the cut and with an enviable state of physical form.

Min. 78FACT. Marco Asensio has scored with his first shot of the season with Real Madrid.

Min. 77Less than a quarter of an hour by the end of the match. It is striking that Zidane has only made one change.

Min. 77Albert Celades exhausts the quota of the changes giving entrance to Kang-In Lee. Rodrigo Moreno retires from the field of play.

Min. 75Goal to put an end to eleven months of suffering. Asensio returns in a big way: first target in LaLiga since September 2018 when he scored the winning goal against Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Min. 75Attendance is by Ferland Mendy.

Min. 75GOOOOOOOOOOL BY MARCO ASENSIO !!!! REAL MADRID 2-0 Valencia. Goal to the effort !! Goal of dedication !! Goal for hope !! Asensio returns with a goal! The Balearic, without reaching the minute of play and the first ball he touches, sends a tense center of Ferland Mendy to the bottom of the net.

Min. 75RETURN MARCO ASENSIO !! The Balearic has his first minutes of play after a long injury. Fede Valverde leaves his place. First change in the ranks of Real Madrid!

Min. 72Marco Asensio, prepared to leave behind an injury that has lasted around eleven months. Receive the latest instructions from Zidane before returning to enjoy minutes in official competition.

Min. 71FACT. Only Leo Messi (with 21 goals and 14 assists) has participated in more LaLiga goals this season than Karim Benzema (15 goals and six assists).

Min. 70Twenty minutes into the game, Zinedine Zidane has yet to make a change. In three days he travels to San Sebastián to face Real Sociedad.

Min. 70And Celades refreshes the bands. Soler leaves his place to Denis Cheryshev.

Min. 70More changes in the Valencian ranks. Coquelin gives a truce to Dani Parejo, who was already running out of gas.

Min. 68Raphael Varane clearance! The Frenchman anticipates Rodrigo Moreno to avoid his auction. Gameiro was looking for him with a tense center.

Min. 67FACT. A shot, a goal. With this, Karim Benzema has avoided running without finishing in two LaLiga games for the first time in his career at Real Madrid (only full matches).

Min. 66The Valencian cadre begins to show symptoms of tiredness. Problems for Celades if he can't hit the key in time.

Min. 65Corner for Real Madrid! Hazard caracolea by the front of the area and, in view of the fact that he does not find any gap, he ends up yielding to a Luka Modric who tries his luck from outside the area. Cillessen takes the hit clearing to the side.

Min. 64It is now his turn to row Valencia, at a critical moment. Moments after making the first changes, the Celades team takes a hard hit in the form of a goal.

Min. 63FACT. Karim Benzema has scored 242 goals for Real Madrid in all competitions, equaling Ferenc Puskás as the club's fifth all-time leading scorer.

Min. 62Benzema, at the service of the merengue group. Without counting the goals in own goal, the Frenchman has participated in the last four goals of Real Madrid against Valencia in LaLiga, giving an assist and scoring three goals.

Min. 62Attendance is by Eden Hazard.

Min. 62GOOOOOOOOOL FROM KARIM BENZEMA !!!!! REAL MADRID 1-0 Valencia. Benzema opens the can !! Driving an Eden Hazard that faces the rival defense before leaning on Luka Modric, with whom he shoots the wall. Covered by Guillamón, the Belgian gives in to Benzema, who takes advantage of Mangala's bad position to beat Cillessen low.

Min. 61And it does the same with the position of '9'. Maxi Gómez, whose physical condition is not yet to complete a game, leaves his place to Kevin Gameiro.

Min. 60Celades' first move. Refresh the attack with a change of cards: Guedes, holder against Levante last day, enters for Ferran Torres.

Min. 58VALVERDEEEEEEEE !!!! CILLESSEN HAS STOPPED !!! Maneuver in attack by Sergio Ramos, who leaves the ball behind for the low shot of the Uruguayan midfielder. The Dutch goalkeeper stops him without too much trouble.

Min. 57Gameiro and Gonçalo Guedes, ready to enter the field of play. They will be the first changes Albert Celades makes.

Min. 56The fatigue and the effort made is sinking Valencia in its midfield. Give away meters to Real Madrid, who right now lives installed in the opposite field. The possession of the ball to the box of Celades does not last anything.

Min. 55The entire offensive game of Real Madrid in these last ten minutes is being overturned by the left sector. Mendy, now yes, is reaching the final meters.

Min. 53FACT. Marco Asensio could have his first minutes today since the injury suffered (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of his left knee) on July 24, almost eleven months of inactivity.

Min. 52Zidane sends Marco Asensio and Vinicius Junior to warm up. The Whites need to widen the field for Valencia to break defensively.

Min. 51Problems for Real Madrid, which is circulating the ball well from side to side but is unable to find spaces in the elaborate defensive framework that Valencia has set up. Spectacular team from the capital of Turia tilting and pressing when necessary.

Min. 50Ferrán Torres is lying on the ground after colliding with the shoulder of Sergio Ramos. The youth squad recovers from the impact.

Min. 49FACT. Thibaut Courtois has stopped eleven of the last 14 shots on goal he has received in LaLiga, conceding just three goals.

Min. 48The first few minutes of the second act allows us to see how Eden Hazard is trying to appear inside to participate more in the development of the game.

Min. 47Neither Zinedine Zidane nor Albert Celades move tab yet. The same protagonists who started the meeting remain.


Min. 01But without a doubt, the most positive news of these 45 minutes is the performance that Hugo Guillamón is offering. The youth squad, which premiered in LaLiga in February but is beginning to have continuity after the resumption of the championship, is showing itself as a safe exit from the ball, iron in the court and very reliable in duels.

Min. 01In the defensive phase, the Madrid team is having difficulties to contain Rodrigo Moreno, who is very active with breakout and unmarking movements behind the central defenders. The Spanish international is making waves in the Madrid defense, especially on the side of Varane, who does not receive enough coverage from Sergio Ramos.

Min. 01Real Madrid has lacked depth throughout the first act. Carvajal has not been consistent raising the band and Ferland Mendy has barely appeared joining the attack. Consequently, Hazard, which has gone from more to less with the passage of minutes, has been very alone to create danger on the left sector.

Min. 01The meringues have besieged Cillessen's goal. Up to eight have been the shots on goal, his best record in a game this season in any competition. In that sense, he has completed the first half with more shots on goal without scoring in any competition under the command of Zinedine Zidane.

Min. 01The first period is marked by the goal annulled Rodrigo Moreno after Maxi Gómez, offside, touched lightly and participated in the radius of action of sending Carlos Soler to the Spanish striker. In the first instance, Sánchez Martínez validated the goal but later approached the monitor on the recommendation of the VAR to appreciate the play in detail.

Min. 01Sánchez Martínez decrees the conclusion of the first 45 minutes of play. The 22 protagonists take the road to the locker room with a zero tie on the scoreboard. High-paced game, with many occasions and in which both teams divided up the domain. Carvajal and Hazard enjoyed two clear scoring opportunities but ran into Cillessen. Courtois did no less, key to taking a whip from Kondogbia and to touch just enough a shot by Rodrigo Moreno that ended up crashing into the wood.


Min. 45Third foul by Maxi Gómez, who overwhelms Luka Modric to prevent him from taking the ball clean from behind.

Min. 45New occasion for the white team. Hazard receives in front of the area and positions himself towards his good leg to finish the play with a low shot that presents no difficulties for Cillessen.

Min. 45Real Madrid tries in these final minutes. He has bottled Valencia in his midfield.

Min. 45FIVE MINUTES DISCOUNT. We will leave until 50 '.

Min. 44Casemiro's headbutt !! The Brazilian creates a hole in the area to connect a header to a corner kick. Cillessen stops him.

Min. 43GEOFFREY KONDOGBIA'S LATIGAZOOOOOOOOO !!!! WHAT A STRETCH OF THIBAUT COURTOIS !!!!! The Valencia midfielder dares with a mid-distance shot that requires the quick response of 'Tibu' to avoid the goal.

Min. 42Now it is Valencia who wants the ball. The ball is circulating with discretion in a three-quarter field area while Madrid closes ranks.

Min. 41Casemiro's fourth foul, forced to stop Dani Parejo when he turned. The Brazilian has made more than half of the total fouls committed by Real Madrid (4/7).

Min. 40Final stretch in Valdebebas. Five minutes remain for the conclusion of the first act. The goal is resisted.

Min. 38The production focuses on Gareth Bale dressed in a short dress in the stands of Valdebebas. The Welshman has not started in any of Real Madrid's last six games.

Min. 36FACT. The six shots of Real Madrid so far have gone to goal: Kroos (two), Hazard (two), Carvajal and Casemiro.

Min. 35Play is restarted in Valdebebas. Valencia put the ball in motion.

Min. 34The coaches take advantage of the hydration break to distribute instructions to their players and correct mistakes for the final stretch of the first act.

Min. 33Party stopped in Valdebebas. Sánchez Martínez gives way to the hydration break.

Min. 32Third foul by Casemiro. The Brazilian must be careful and measure his innings well because he is only one yellow from reaching the sanction cycle.

Min. 31FACT. Real Madrid have 14 games in a row without losing at home in LaLiga (10V 4E). His last defeat in the competition was on the last day of last season (0-2 against Betis).

Min. 30We reached half an hour of play in Valdebebas. The draw to zero reigns on the scoreboard of a vibrant game marked by three great scoring chances.

Min. 29CARVAAAAAJAL !!!!! ANOTHER JASPER CILLESSEN STOP !!! A solo play by the merengue winger, who takes the ball with a rebound and stands in front of the Dutch goal. The Leganés player wants to cross it to the long post but Cillessen takes his foot to avoid the target.

Min. 28FACT. Eden Hazard has participated in four of Madrid's five auctions so far (two auctions and two assists for the auction).

Min. 27Definitely, Valencia has turned the field of play towards the goal of Thibaut Courtois. The goal annulled Rodrigo Moreno has served as an oxygen pump for the Che team, which now besieges the Madrid goal.

Min. 26Celades also takes the opportunity to show his disagreement to the fourth referee.

Min. 25The yellow that Gayá has seen carries suspension. He will not be able to be in the match against Osasuna due to the sanction cycle.

Min. 25Sánchez Martínez yellow cautioned José Luis Gayá for protesting. The winger was not at all happy with the final decision.

Min. 23With the ball, Real Madrid is being much superior but it is waking up defensively. Rodrigo Moreno's movements behind the center backs are doing a lot of damage. It already carries two notices.

Min. 22GOAL VOIDED TO VALENCIA !!!! Soler filters a ball towards the entrance of Rodrigo Moreno, who sends it to the bottom of the net. In the first instance, Sánchez Martínez had validated the goal but later he reviewed the action on the monitor to appreciate that Maxi Gómez is out of play, whose position influences the development of the play.

Min. 20FACT. Thibaut Courtois has stopped ten of the last 13 shots on goal he has received in LaLiga, conceding just three goals.

Min. 19Celades, very active in his technical area correcting the positions of his players and distributing instructions. Calmer Zidane.

Min. 18A good level is being offered by the Guillamón – Mangala couple. Something necessary after the poor performance that Mouctar Diakhaby has offered, that today his destination has been the bench. The Frenchman has been singled out and has become the target of the anger of the fans for the penalty committed against Levante. In this sense, they have indicated three maximum penalties against them in the last two games of Valencia between all competitions (two against Atalanta in the Champions League and one against Levante).

Min. 17Very high rate in Valdebebas. Real Madrid has the singing voice in the direction of the game but Valencia does not wrinkle trying to exploit the possible errors of its rival.

Min. 16FACT. The four shots that Real Madrid accumulates in these first 15 minutes have been directed towards the goal: Kroos (two), Casemiro and Hazard.

Min. 15First quarter of an hour in Valdebebas. Clear scoring chances for both teams. Both Hazard and Rodrigo Moreno have been able to move the electronic.

Min. 14TO PALOOOOOOOOOOO !!! RODRIGO MORENO SENDS TO MADEEEEERA !!!! WHAT A CHANCE FOR VALENCIA !!!! Valencia catches Real Madrid's back and the Spanish international throws an uncheck that makes him stand up against Courtois. His shot is minimally touched by the Belgian goalkeeper, hitting the post.

Min. 13The team led by Albert Celades is having serious problems with the pressure from Real Madrid. Getting the ball out from behind is not clean at all and they have already made a couple of losses that have jeopardized the established plan.

Min. 12CILLESSEN STOP !!!! HE HAS AVOIDED THE FIRST GOAL OF THE NIGHT !!! In just four touches and through a fast movement, Benzema ends up filtering for Hazard's career, whose completion with the toe is repelled by the Dutch goalkeeper.

Min. 11Toni Krooooooos shot !!! Cillessen stops him !! The German comes from the second line to connect a shot from the front of the area. It comes out very focused.

Min. 10Valencia is betting on defensive order and placement in these early stages. The whole of the Turia capital does not rush, wanting to reach the opposite field by using long balls that Maxi Gómez pockets.

Min. 09Great defensive action by Hugo Guillamón, who is leaving a good image since he has been given the alternative. The defender closes the space with Luka Modric, making it impossible for him to enter the area defended by Cillessen.

Min. 08We recall that with the victory against Eibar, Zinedine Zidane became the third coach to reach 200 official games in the history of Real Madrid (132V-42E-26D) after Miguel Muñoz (605) and Vicente del Bosque (246).

Min. 07Courtois out of fists !!!! The Belgian imposes his size to win the aerial duel and clear the ball from his domain.

Min. 06Ferrán Torres manages to get Valencia out of the cave, challenging himself in the race with Casemiro. The Brazilian is late and shoots down the Valencian youth squad. An unbeatable opportunity to test Courtois with a lateral foul.

Min. 05Real Madrid's first attempt. Casemiro tries his luck with a long shot that Cillessen blocks without problems.

Min. 04The white team monopolizes control of the party. Play and play from band to band looking for spaces. Valencia withdraws.

Min. 03As a curiosity, Real Madrid has not lost any of the three official matches it has played with Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Luka Modric and Fede Valverde in their starting eleven (2V 1E).

Min. 02There are no surprises in the tactical arrangements of either team. Fede Valverde falls on the right wing while Carles Soler does it on his respective left side.

Min. 01THE GAME STARTS IN VALDEBEBAS !!!!! A great game to close the day !!! The ball is already rolling on the grass !!!

Min. 00We already have both teams on the pitch! This is about to start! Are you going to miss it?

Min. 00The referee José María Sánchez Martínez, belonging to the Murcia Referees Committee, will be in charge of administering justice. Lorca's team is close to reaching 100 appearances in the Spanish soccer elite since its debut in the 2015/16 season. He will be assisted at the VAR by Pablo González Fuertes (Asturias Referees Committee).

Min. 00Albert Celades has not won as a coach in any of his two duels against Real Madrid in all competitions: he tied for the domestic championship and succumbed in the semifinal of the last Super Cup in Spain. As a player, he also failed to win in his last six meetings against the Whites (3E-3D).

Min. 00Sergio Ramos has already scored six goals in LaLiga 2019/20, matching his record from last season. He is just one more target to match his best mark in a single season in the highest category (seven in the 2016/17 season).

Min. 00With a past meringue, Rodrigo Moreno arrives in Madrid to meet against Real Madrid whom he has in his sights. He has participated in two goals during his three visits to the white fief in LaLiga.

Min. 00Not counting the goals in own goal, Karim Benzema has participated in the last three goals of Real Madrid against Valencia in LaLiga, giving an assist and scoring two goals.

Min. 00The meringues are the team with the most different scorers in the five major European leagues (19).

Min. 00And it will not be an easy mission since the team led by Zidane has managed to find the defensive formula. He has only conceded 20 goals in 28 LaLiga matches, his lowest number at this point in the 21st century, equaling 2010/11.

Min. 00Home departures are the pending subject of this Valencia. He has not won in his last five away matches, garnering two draws and three losses. If he does not win at Valdebebas, he will link six, his worst streak since February 2016.

Min. 00In addition, Real Madrid is the rival against which Valencia has lost the most games in its history in LaLiga (87).

Min. 00Duels improve ostensibly if we reduce the performances of the Whites as a local team. In this sense, he does not know the defeat in his last eleven league matches against the whole of the capital of Turia (6V-5E). They remain undefeated since March 2008.

Min. 00Historically characterized by being high-flying and short-match matches, Real Madrid has managed to stand out as a favorite in recent times. To the point that he has only been defeated in one of the last seven matches (all competitions) against Valencia, reaping four victories during this period. That puncture dates back to Mestalla, in April 2019.

Min. 00MOUCTAR DIAKHABY DOES NOT PLAY! Albert Celades 'charges' the French defender after being the protagonist of the action that deprived Valencia of taking all three points in the Valencian derby. His place is occupied by Mangala, who will make a couple of centrals with the youth squad Hugo Guillamón. The other novelties are Wass, Ferrán Torres, Kondogbia and Gayá, who have overcome the contusion suffered in the last match.

Min. 00ZIDANE BETS FOR FOUR CENTRAL CAMPERS !! Novelties in the tactical drawing of the French coach, who makes only two rotations with respect to the eleven he lined up against Eibar. Ferland Mendy wins the game on the side to Marcelo and Fede Valverde reinforces the control room to the detriment of Rodrygo Goes.

Min. 00For his part, Albert Celades comes out with the following eleven players (4-4-2): Jasper Cillessen – Daniel Wass, Hugo Guillamón, Eliaquim Mangala, José Gaya – Ferrán Torres, Dani Parejo, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Carles Soler – Rodrigo Moreno and Maxi Gomez.

Min. 00We already have the confirmed starting ounces !! Zinedine Zidane brings up the following lineup (4-4-2): Thibaut Courtois – Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Ferland Mendy – Fede Valverde, Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Luka Modric – Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard.

Min. 00The duel comes to Valdebebas with a slight feeling of annoyance on the part of Real Madrid because of the schedule scheduled by LaLiga. From Chamartín they underline the gap of rest, alluding that the Valencian players have had two more days to prepare their legs for this meeting.

Min. 00The one who is also not satisfied with his first result after concluding the period of confinement is Albert Celades, who saw two vital points escaped in the Valencian derby against Levante. An inexplicable grab by Mouctar Diakhaby in the discount made it easier for Paco López's team to sign the tables from the penalty spot and deprive Valencia of a victory that does not start with an advantage in the fight for European places.

Min. 00Valdebebas returns to be decked out for the occasion just four days after opening as the main stage of an official duel of Real Madrid. The opening featured a victory against Sociedad Deportiva Eibar (3-1) resolved in the first period, which aroused a certain state of relaxation in the face of the second 45 minutes that left nothing for Zinedine Zidane.

Min. 00Good night Everybody! Welcome to the broadcast of this match between Real Madrid and Valencia Club de Fútbol, ​​corresponding to the twenty-ninth day of LaLiga. We start with the preview of the meeting (22: 00h)!