Real Madrid, the Spanish team that accumulated the most injuries last season


Real Madrid was the LaLiga team that accumulated the highest number of injuries (72), suffering twice as many as FC Barcelona (36), in the 2022-2023 season, an anomalous course due to the World Cup in Qatar in December. 2022, according to the European Men’s Football Injury Index for the 2022-23 season published by global insurance group Howden.

In total, the number of injuries in the five major leagues in the 2022-23 season amounted to 3,985, according to Howden’s third report, with Real Madrid being the LaLiga team that suffered the most, with 72, a number that doubles the amount of misfortunes in the form of injuries suffered by Barça (36).

The study also shows that players spent an average of 8 more days on the bench due to injuries in the months following the World Cup tournament, which was held from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

The report highlights, among other data, that in October 2022, before the World Cup was held, the 88 injuries recorded kept the players off the field for an average of 11.35 days. While this average rose to 19.41 days in January 2023, the month following the end of the tournament. And the injuries that experienced the greatest severity were those of the ankle (170%), shin (200%) and hamstrings (130%).

According to the study, the English Premier League and the German Bundesliga were the leagues most affected by injuries after the World Cup, with 23.6% and 14.8% of players, respectively, competing in Qatar.

In the two months after the tournament, participating Bundesliga players suffered 46 injuries, compared to 49 in the Premier League, suggesting that the extended winter break in Germany after the men’s World Cup had little effect. In comparison with them, LaLiga, with 18; Ligue 1, with 11; and Series A, with 12; They had far fewer injuries in the same period.

The study also explains that, despite the fact that the five main European men’s leagues suffered 3,985 injuries during the 2022-23 season, twenty fewer than in 2021-22 (4,006), their costs increased by almost 30%. , from 553.62 to 704.89 million euros.