Real Madrid takes advantage of a soft Barça

Real Madrid takes advantage of a soft Barça

Mateo’s team remain undefeated in the League and teach a lot to improve in Grimau’s team


Real Madrid beat Barça (86-79) this Sunday on the third day of the Endesa League, a victory from start to finish for the locals at the WiZink Center, who remain undefeated and in the lead while the eternal rival faces a lot of work ahead.

Chus Mateo’s team did not miss Edy Tavares because Vincent Poirier was at a high level and Roger Grimau’s team did not dare too much. The new Barça showed the green sensations of a project that has to improve in progress, that already lost the Super Cup against the whites, they met in the semifinals two weeks ago, and that suffers in every game.

Poirier (22 points, 8 rebounds and 29 PIR) had no brakes, with the spotlight on him and above after a bad game in Manresa, and neither did Facundo Campazzo (17 points and 17 PIR), with moments also from Dzanan Musa and Sergio Llull in the premises. Madrid’s defense was much more consistent, well closed despite the loss of the giant Tavares due to a respiratory virus, while Barça did not have a successful day either.

Mateo’s men did not have three-pointers (6/30), a relief for the visitors who did not know how to take advantage either. Barça looked for it with the fight of Joel Parra or Darío Brizuela, well defended by Nicolás Laprovittola, but without quality or arguments on the new board. Another newcomer like Jabari Parker and the former Unicaja player were the ones who made up a first quarter that was already Madrid’s.

The European champion ran with Campazzo and in the second quarter made a difference with the offensive rebound, despite Nnaji’s attempt to provide interior strength. The local team did not miss Gaby Deck either, although the lead at half-time still left a second half to fight for (37-33) due to a 3/16 in triples for the whites.

Without that success, Madrid continued betting on Poirier, enough to bring out the colors of the Catalan defense and maintain the lead heading into the last quarter (59-50). Parra was the one who tried to even the balance but Barça, who had to sweat until extra time in Palencia two days before, was left without a response.

Laprovittola and Da Silva brought Grimau’s men closer despite Llull’s damaging success, but one more push from Mateo’s men with less than six minutes left was already definitive (70-58). From there, Madrid increased its income to +16 and Barça did not want to throw in the towel, although it will have to be aware that it has dropped some level of competitiveness in the mirror of its eternal rival and on the verge of debuting in the Euroleague against Anadolu Efes.


–RESULT: REAL MADRID, 86 – BARÇA, 79. (37-33, at half-time).


Real Madrid: Campazzo (17), Abalde (2), Musa (13), Yabusele (3) and Diagne (9) — Causeur (-), Poirier (22), Gonzalez (5) , Sergio Rodriguez (-), Rudy (4), Llull (9), Ndiaye (2).

BARÇA: Satoransky (2), Laprovittola (10), Kalinic (10), Parker (7) and Vesley (2) –starting quintet–, Da Silva (2), Willy Hernangómez (4), Brizuela (14), Abrines (3), Nnaji (8), Jokubaitis (12), Parra (5).

–PARTIALS: 14-13, 23-20, 22-17, 27-29.

–REFEREES: Martín Caballero, Oyón, García González. Satoransky eliminated due to fouls.

–PAVILLION: WiZink Center, 11,235 spectators.