Real Madrid-Mallorca Butragueño: “A player like Ramos is hard to find”

Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations for Real Madrid, spoke at the Movistar LaLiga microphones of the comfortable victory for the white team in Di Stéfano against Mallorca (2-0) with goals from Vinicius and Sergio Ramos.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Victory: “Happy since there are four victories in a row always with difficulty but we have merit and we are solid behind against a team that plays football well. Hemoe have been in solidarity and there has been a very good effort by the squad.

Offensive alignment: “It is an option, when they received top for its quality when associated it generates a lot of danger.”

Great free kick by Ramos: “Great goal, extraordinary. The first goal is also magnificent. That foul would be signed by any specialist, it was unstoppable, in addition, to the squad.”

Ramos Renewal: “What I can say about Sergio is admiration for what he represents and demonstrates. Conviction, leadership, heart, quality and commitment. His presence means a lot to the team and to the rival. He is an impressive player in all areas of the game. He is a player difficult to find in many years. “

Complaints: “It is logical that Sergio transmits that feeling because it is very difficult to win and it is difficult to be first in the table, because behind there is a lot of sacrifice and a lot of training. He feels that way, it is difficult to be first in a very difficult championship. more difficult to win. “

Schedule: “We have a situation right now with seven finals left and we have four victories. The schedules are what they are, the team is making a huge effort. The other day we arrived at four in the morning and the schedule is very demanding, the difficulties They are very large. You have to recover quickly after three months without competing. You have to recognize what the team does. On Sunday, another final. “