Real Madrid: Life is worse without Casemiro | LaLiga Santander 2019



Technicians praise the pivot, Caparrs: “It's smart and basic for the Zidane system.” Anquela: “There are few like him”

Casemiro and Zidane, in a game this season.

Martin Odegaard and the chauvinist of the Royal Society deranged the rearguard of Real Madrid with starts without opposition. Midfielders txuri urdin Percutan without brakes and brand free from the core. An avalanche struck unprotected defenses. The tremendous hole in the central circle discovers the irreparable absence of Casemiro, the main piece in the tactical framework of Zidane. With the Brazilian, everything would have been different. The bodyguard offers balance, placement, help, relief, defensive strength, intimidation and arrival. A repertoire of virtues that generates a dangerous subordination: without the pivot the whole mechanism suffers, it squeaks. The French knows: he has never replaced him in the 29 games in which he has started in the current campaign. In the white squad there is no suitable relay for the Brazilian versatile, Fede Valverde It complies, but it is not the same. The Casimir Dependence It is accentuated when the key weeks of the season approach.

The stajonovista work of the pivot is much appreciated by the preparers, Joaqun Caparrs He does not hesitate to give him a fundamental role in Real Madrid. Casemiro is not only very good tactically, but also very intelligent, as Xavi or Busquets. He knows how to interpret the game very well and give the rhythm that the game needs at all times. It is that type of smart players who make sound decisions with and without a ball, those that make a difference and become essential in any team, argues the utrerano.

The former Sevilla coach also values ​​the versatility of a midfielder who still has room for improvement: Everyone highlights his ability to play the defensive game, but also stands out for his additions to the attack, with effective arrivals and many successes in ball plays stopped.

Caparrs emphasizes that he will always have a player of those characteristics in his team, but acknowledges that not everyone knows how to appreciate his conditions: Casemiro belongs to that class of players who have a hard time gaining credibility from fans and media communication When it plays it seems that nothing happens, but many things happen, and when it is not noticeable. They are soccer players with very specific peculiarities, specialists that are very difficult to replace and that are increasingly being quoted by clubs. It is basic to the Zidane system.

“Improve those around you”

Alberto Toril, which was the first technician who directed Casemiro in Castilla, in January 2013, always highlighted the group contributions of the Brazilian international. Players like Casemiro help you. Some viewer may not like it for not presenting such a colorful game, but it is effective. Casemiro makes those around him play better, he said recently.

Juan Antonio Anquela, former coach, among others of Deportivo and Alcorcn, explains that Casemiro is a wonder and that he supports the Zidane system: Casemiro brings balance and security, there are very few like him in the world. A footballer manufactured to fit the defensive pivot. Very good tactically and with great arrival. It is much like Mauro Silva. Some believe that Valverde will be able to perform his work at Real Madrid, but that is complicated, because both are different. If you put Valverde midfielder brakes his offensive contribution … is that as Casemiro there are very few.

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