Real Madrid: Jovic's frustration: “I see videos from last year and I wonder what happens to me” | LaLiga Santander 2019



The Real Madrid striker admits his adaptation problems and acknowledges that at first he did not believe the offer of whites.

Jovic, during the match against Zaragoza in the Copa del Rey.

Luka Jovic I acknowledged that he is not happy with his season at Real Madrid so far, since he has only scored one goal, and unveiled, in an interview on the show Afternoon sport of his country, which sees videos of his last campaign and does not understand what has happened to lower his performance so much.

“I'm not happy with my season, at least so far, because I know I can improve. Sometimes I watch videos on YouTube last year and I wonder 'what's wrong with me?'. We all know that Real Madrid is a great club and that for experienced players it is very difficult to get used to it, much more to a 21-year-old who paid 60 million. The pressure is very big, I fight for now without success. But I hope the situation changes, “he said.

“I still feel a negative atmosphere when talking about my game at Real Madrid, but I'm going to show people the reason I'm here, I'm here because I have quality and children can look at me for many years and motivate themselves with my matches and goals with the Madrid shirt, “added the Serbian.

The striker arrived at Real Madrid last summer after signing a great season at the Eintracht in Frankfurt, in which he scored 27 goals and distributed 7 assists, and record how his signing for the white club took place. “He received a call from the representative and told me to have a Real Madrid offer. I replied 'go on, don't tease me, please'. He told me again that I had an offer from Madrid and that I thought about it. I was crazy, I needed a couple of days to reflect on the best team in the world wanting me. It is a club that you cannot refuse because it calls you once in a lifetime. I think he made no mistake signing for Madrid, “he said.

Difficult adaptation

Jovic also revealed that he is experiencing a difficult time adapting to Spain and that is why set aside social networks: “I used to be more active, but now I'm focused only on football and I want to be fit as soon as possible. I am in a very difficult period of adaptation, so I have to work harder“.

The Serbian also spoke of the changes regarding the routine he had in Germany, and that have benefited him because, he said, he has always had trouble falling asleep: “The most important thing here is that to train you don't have to get up very early, So that helps me. Throughout my life I have had trouble sleeping, so this helps me a little“.” I get up, breakfast and I'm going to train. The training is smoother than in Germany, so I like that also. After training, you can continue practicing in the field, or do massage treatment. And in the afternoon we usually have them free, “he said.

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