Real Madrid: Isco, the 'joker' of Zidane | LaLiga Santander 2019



The Madrid coach always bets on malagueo despite the debate it generates and its irregularity. He wants me to score more goals

Isco celebrates the goal at El Sadar.

Isco is he joker from Zidane. Joker by wild joker misunderstood, although the parallelism with the character of Joaquin Phoenix Don't go beyond that misunderstanding. The malagueo is a player chased by the doubt in a football that, at times, does not seem his. However, there are things in this game that have not changed anything and that Isco dominates as few. Zidane knows it for sharing them and, oblivious to the surrounding noise, he has decided based on his feelings to rescue a player who seemed ruled out by Madrid and its surroundings on more than one occasion. So Isco responds.

In Pamplona, ​​the malagueo emerged in a rough scenario, presumably against his style, to support Madrid when he needed it most. Then he arrived Modric. He did not score the goal of the draw only, but he made a great physical display and offered some of the best assists, to Bale or Benzema, before achieving the tie. The opportunity, however, found the malagueo in the place of the center forward to play to rebound. It was the turning point that whites needed.

Isco is not a scorer, but Madrid needs everyone's goals in the post era Christian. The coach's insistence on his midfielders is clear about it. This season, Isco adds two, one in the League, little for what Zidane believes. I am very happy for his goal, but I insist he has to do more, said the technician, who takes advantage of his technical level between the lines, especially when he opts for a 4-4-2.

A specific footballer

Isco's life has traditionally not been easy in a Madrid that, tactically, did not go with his conditions of mediapunta. Under the tyrannical disposition of 4-3-3 imposed by the BBC hierarchy, Isco had difficulties to locate himself in the midfield line, where he loses his best virtues, such as the last pass and the approach to the area, and takes Less more physical. In the band, where it has also been used in many games, it cannot value all its conditions. Malagueo is, in fact, a very specific soccer player, not versatile, like Valverde, and neither has the physical capacity of Modric.

Zidane was, in fact, the first to break the sacred mantra of the BBC, with breaks for Christian and punishments for Bale, whose commitment he was never satisfied, although he acted as a club man. The gals is not only a footballer, but also an asset for the entity. The season in which Madrid achieved the double was, precisely, in which Isco found more prominence, first with unit B and then with the starting team. One of Bale's injuries ended up inserting him in the team he did not fall in or in the Champions League final, in Cardiff, despite the fact that the gals were already recovered.

Isco was replaced in the rest of the derby with Kroos, a fact that could leave them sealed after having been dominated by Atletico Madrid. Zidane, who succeeded with the changes, returned to give them, however, prominence: the German in the elimination against Real Sociedad in the Cup and malagueo in the League. He was the best, together with Modric, of Madrid in the victory of El Sadar.

The imminent return of Hazard reconditioning Isco's presences, but the malagueo will make a mistake if he interprets it as a postponement, since, holder or not, Zidane is clear how much a joker.

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