Real Madrid insures its captain Ivana Andrés until 2024

“Let’s continue making history together. Hala Madrid and nothing else!”. With this message on her social networks, the player has celebrated Ivan Andres its renewal by Real Madrid until the 2024 season. The captain will thus continue to be part of the white defense for a few years in which the club has great aspirations.

The Valencian, Real Madrid’s first captain, will continue to wear white until 2024, after having become one of the team’s leaders both on and off the pitch.

The Valencian has played a total of 36 games this season, between the League, Cup, Super Cup and Champions League, and faces this final stretch of the season with the aim of winning the Copa de la Reina and qualifying for the next Champions League in the latter day of the League that is celebrated on Sunday.

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Its renewal is added to those already announced by the club of Maite Oroz, Kenti Robles, Marta Corredera, Claudia Florentino, Olga Carmona, Teresa Abelleira y Misa. At the moment, the renewals of Asllani and Marta Cardona.