Real Madrid-Getafe An ordeal leads to paradise

Between that Getafe is a rival loaded with thorns, that the smoke from the fire at Barça blinded his eyes, that he understood the game late and that Zidane did not refine with the lineup, Madrid had a hard time before going to bed on a very fluffy mattress. The lawsuit was settled when Olivera put the foot and the leg in a boarding school in Carvajal and from the penalty spot did not forgive Ramos, who in dreams looks pichichi.

There are more pleasant visits to the dentist than evenings with Getafe, the armor that Bordalás carries very close to the forefront of this League, a team that needs little ball because its plan is different. He defends far from his frame, presses up, steals from the rival goalkeeper's beards, lengthens his leg, he has plenty of convictions and he has forwards that hit with the eye of the needle. A trap that has served, until now, for all but the big cats of the championship, teams with players with superlative feet.

This time, in Valdebebas, Bordalás took a step back, put a trivote (with Maksimovic of false playmaker) and he gave the luck of the match to the bands, with doubled sides, although over time Nyom and Cucurella have been stretching their obligations, and sent Mata to adventure. Getafe's center forward is the second player to commit the most fouls in LaLiga. That is how Bordalás' team carries its tusk.

This is how he received a Madrid without Hazard and with Vinicius, the roadrunner, a player who often has more legs than head, but also a force of nature with better solutions than the Belgian at the moment. Because Hazard has recovered the silhouette but is still looking for the elf.

On the other side of the attack was Isco, the first to repeat in a plaza with seven applicants in a handkerchief. Plaza that Bale has let out, who lives comfortably in resignation, consoled by the good weather and golf. The current has taken him away. However, Isco has not bothered in the last few meters.

At thirteen seconds Timor took the first card with a kick from behind to Isco to make it clear to the leader that this was going to be Korea. The staging of Getafe was impeccable. He turned the game into a mousetrap for Madrid and embroidered one of his great resources: not allowing the opponent to run. He hardly leaves the back door open.

Madrid was in the trench, with difficulties even to overcome the midfield, splashing before an adversary multiplied in each span of field, their midfielders, their ends and even Benzema, hidden in that blue tide, deactivated.

Only twice did Madrid clearly avoid the ambush before the break, in an uncheck by Mendy whose center was touched in a hurry with the tip of the right boot Vinicius and David Soria saved him in stretched photogenic, and en the only one against that Getafe tolerated, with Ramos as assistant and Isco as the auctioneer. Soria was back in place and Getafe claimed a previous penalty from Carvajal.

Extremes to the rescue

Those two actions took away some vigor from Getafe, which He continued to protect himself just as effectively, but he lengthened less in his forays. Still, Madrid seemed unable to drill that granite, starting with Vinicius, who did not take advantage of either its overflow or its speed against a sticky side and another on guard. The rest played what Getafe wanted, who always do well in games without action. The less it happens, the better for him. Varane also penalized Madrid for leaving him dizzy with a ball. Militao's entry only served to explain why French and Ramos are untouchable. And to that wave of bewilderment Mendy got on, with some wooden controls that endangered her team.

Intuiting the puncture, Zidane tried with the shock of a triple change: Valverde, Rodrygo and Asensio. Seeing that the verse by verse did not work, he played the blow by blow. An attempt to open the field against a tight rival. There the game was blanched, with Madrid attacking from the flanks and Getafe brandishing from the previous beating. Rodrygo and Asensio were the chupinazo that Madrid needed to get that truck out of the mud, although the end of the ordeal came in a boarding school from the hyperactive Carvajal, whose cut inward Olivera stung to knock down the side. The penalty kick, transformed officially by Ramos, brought Madrid out of a gigantic trouble and shot him towards the title. His network, now, is two draws. It will be difficult for me to end up on the ground.


Eder Militao (32 ', Varane), Federico Valverde (62 ', Modric), Marco Asensio (62 ', Vinicius Junior), Rodrygo (63 ', Isco), Hugo Duro (68 ', Marc Cucurella), Jorge Molina (74 ', Mata), Jason (74 ', Damián Suárez), Angel (83 ', Mauro Arambarri), Fajr (83 ', Timor), Mariano (91 ', Benzema)


1-0, 78 ': Sergio Ramos


Referee: Juan Martínez Munuera
VAR Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
Timor (0 ', Yellow) Carvajal (15 ', Yellow) Sergio Ramos (25 ', Yellow) Modric (48 ', Yellow) Nyom (46 ', Yellow) Eder Militao (46 ', Yellow) Damian Suarez (51 ', Yellow) Bush (71 ', Yellow) Mauro Arambarri (82 ', Yellow) Mariano (93 ', Yellow