If anyone could have any doubt about the intentions of Real Madrid in this Copa del Rey, which today raises the curtain for the targets that dissipate them. The fact that a game is played has forced Zidane to take to a stadium of just 4000 spectators at Benzema, Carvajal, Marcelo, Valverde, Varane and company. A luxury call that will play in Las Pistas, against the Unionists, with the sole objective of complying with the classification for the next round.

It is clear that if around 23.00 on Wednesday (if there is no extension or penalties) nothing news is told about the Real Madrid and his party against the Unionists will be a good sign. Any situation that does not end with the classification of meringues for the round of 16 will be a debacle. Therefore, Zidane, who already knows a lot (too much) how they spend the K.O competition does not want the slightest surprise.

In the Madrid they don't want to remember black episodes that this competition brought in the ‘most recent’ history of it, like a defeat in Toledo, the famous ‘alcorconazo’ or the elimination in the offices for that alignment of Denis in Cádiz When I was sanctioned. On the contrary, the Cup he also let us see that car of Bale against Barcelona that ended with a goal that earned the title or that header of Cristiano, also against the Catalans in another final, which came to confirm to that Madrid of Mourinho that the Barcelona de Guardiola was not invincible. Faces and crosses every time you talk about the K.O competition in Madrid.

What is certain is that there are players who, although they can see the game as a ‘brown’, have to work in this match the fact that Zidane I can give you more minutes in League and even in Champions. Bale, James, Jovic, Lucas, Militao, Areola… everyone is clear that to have options to play more regularly can not screw up today in Salamanca. Neither they nor, obviously, Real Madrid.

Probable lineups

Unionists: Mario Fernández, Piojo, Góngora, Zubiri, Pedro López, José Ángel, Gallego, Javi Navas, Pablo Aguilera, Guille Andrés and Óscar González.

Real Madrid: Areola, Carvajal, Nacho, Militao, Mendy; Valverde, James, Isco or Brahim, Bale, Vinicius and Jovic.

Referee: Melero López (Andalusian school).

Stadium: The clues.

Time: 21.00 (Four TV and DAZN).