Real Madrid – Celta (2-2): Celta erodes the leadership of Real Madrid | LaLiga Santander 2019

Real Madrid – Celtic (2-2)



Whites see their advantage with Barcelona reduced to one point after tying with the Galicians at the Bernabéu.

Zidane: “We have to improve physically and defensively”

A football night begins with the tribute to a journalist who leaves us. Good thing. It was David Gistau, who exercised the profession and Real Madrid in the same way: with emotions and without sides. The night followed with another David who is not called David, but who makes each match a fight against the Philistines. It is Iago Aspas, which has more criteria than goal, that is to say, and everything that invokes the Atlantic soul, from the courage to curse. Aspas put Celta in the direction of the goal for martyrdom of a Bernabéu who saw flying Courtois before seeing others fly to their nirvana, the comeback. But it was not a day for damn, not even the Celtic goalkeeper Ruben, but for heroes, like Aspas, like who emulated him in the outcome, Denis Suarez, or like David, our David. An entire match, from start to finish, was the best tribute. (Narration and statistics: 2-2)

The show was better than the result for Madrid, which leaves two points and reduces its network in the lead to one when there is only one more day before the classic. Each encounter will be, from now on, a small battle. A passionate outcome awaits.

What Aspas represents for your team has no comparison. Not even Messi, the best soloist surrounded by excellent performers. Blades is both and, in addition, the leader and extension of the coach in the field. He does not stop giving instructions to others. But it is also a strange case in this stateless football, because it is only in its midst. In this Celta better than the classification says, Aspas is the pill of self-esteem.

Santi Mina celebrates the goal of the draw at the Bernabéu.
Santi Mina celebrates the goal of the draw at the Bernabéu.AFP

In a few minutes, the Galician soccer player found the pass for Smolov between Varane Y Carvajal, to which it is possible to reproach lack of attention. The Russian striker made a splendid control in the race and defined with the coldness proposed by his latitude. For this Madrid that has grown since defensive security, it was a blur. For Celta, an opportunity to settle in the field in the way his coach had thought, which aligned three centrals. In advantage on the scoreboard, he could already delay the 'lanes' to form in a 5-4-1 that would greatly complicate the attack of Madrid.

Brothers Garcia Junyent, Oscar Y Roger, are heirs of latecruyffism, but they exercise it without prejudice or dogmas. During the first half they turned the offensive phase of Madrid into a torment, delivered the team of Zidane to centers without a natural auctioneer in the area. Benzema It finishes but it is something else, more things. In the outcome, they were right with the changes, Denis Suárez and Santi Mina, tie makers.

Hazard's return

The French coach returned to 4-3-3, opting for the return of Hazard as holder and by the alignment of Bale. Probably, the line that was on the official road map but the waters are like the parties, have a life of their own, and force them to improvise in the middle of the crossing. The only thing we can say about Zidane is that circumstances, such as Bale's injuries and, above all, Hazard, have prevented us from knowing more. The background speaks of feeling more comfortable when he has had one more midfielder. Before Celta, he did not initially have it, with Modric and Isco on the bench, and that rest vision and last pass in front of a line of five, without solving the overflow or the ball into space, because it did not exist.

Hazard was found recovered and active. He is an electric footballer who will excite the nervous system of Madrid, something necessary in a team that grows collectively but has lost explosions. Bale did not go back and should have been expelled. The Celtic defense was not the best context, but as soon as speed overflowed it, after the break, Hazard had the space he likes. He had intervened before in a triangulation with Benzema and Bale that did not end in goal but it was the best of the game. It was, however, the way. The goal came in the same way, thanks to the French process and the arrival of Marcelo to the line His pass back hosted him on the net Kroos, which is like a Swiss watchmaker. It doesn't even mess up.

Broken the spaces, then yes, it was the dominating Madrid and went to his hunt Hazard. The Celtic goalkeeper, naive, measured badly and made a useless penalty. Sergio RamoHe executed what looked like a sentence, but Oscar had one hand left, and he played it big with a partner, Denis-Santi. What they did lived up to the match and the tribute.

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