Real Madrid – Barcelona: The Bernabu, a friendly field for Griezmann | LaLiga Santander 2019



The French always surrendered in the Madrid fief. “I knew it would take me time to adapt,” he explained after dialing in Naples

Griezmann celebrates his goal against Npoles.

As much as from the surroundings of Bara it was possible to point to Antoine Griezmann as an alternative to Luis Surez at the point of attack, it is obvious that the two are tremendously different players. Just take a look at the statistical fra. It is true that both accumulate 142 goals in LaLiga. However, the French have achieved them so far in 345 meetings with the shirts of the Royal Society, the Atlantic and Barcelona, ​​while the Uruguayan has scored them all as Barca and has needed 165 games less. Griezmann is not a killer.

In spite of everything, the Bernabu has not been given anything bad to the French in recent years. Last season, the last one as rojiblanco, remained unmarked, but in 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18 they scored goals that were worth to start points of the Madrid fief. The first one served to make his team win the minimum, while the other two allowed the mattress set to seal two draws. His rojiblanco performances in Chamartn were decisive for the Atletico to be clear dominator of the league derby while Griezmann wore his shirt.

The injury of Luis Surez in the right knee, which led him to go through the operating room and that will take him out at least until the end of April, has placed the French as the first option in the attack point of the Bara. Leo Messi he prefers to move freely and Martin Braithwaite, signed as a replacement for a Ousmane Dembl that is missing the rest of the season, is not a nine to use. Therefore, and for the 120 million euros that cost his signing, all eyes will focus on Antoine Griezmann when looking for a reference in the forefront.

“It's complicated for Messi to see me”

A position where you don't feel comfortable. He is accustomed to launching the unchecking and looking for the back of the defense, but his teammates in Bara have not fully understood his way of playing. Messi? It's hard, he's on the right, and I'm more on the left. It is quite complicated to meet him and see me, but when we play in the middle, we try to combine and I try to look for deep passes, since that is my job at Bara, I point out the French on Radio Montecarlo at the end of the duel in front of the Naples, where he scored the only goal azulgrana.

And it's also about him getting used to Bara. I knew that, coming here, it was going to take me some time to adapt to the team. It is a different job, but it is important for me to help colleagues, he added. In Italy, the French returned to achieve somewhat important. Something he already did also, and in pairs, in the Cup qualifier against Ibiza. The fact of having scored in the Champions League can become the stimulus you need to improve your statistics in LaLiga. So far, he has scored eight goals in 24 games and has gone through two important sequa periods. Last Saturday, before Eibar, Messi looked for him blatantly to add one more notch to his revolver after beating Getafe on the previous day. Without success. Now, in a Bernabu that is good for you, you can take another step forward in your adaptation process.

Piqu, ready for the classic

Gerard Piqu be on the grass to measure Real Madrid in the classic. Although his gestures of pain in the final stretch of the game against Npoles led to the idea that the center could suffer a sprained ankle, they enter normally in the preparatory session on Friday and, unless last minute surprise, their Ownership seems more than assured.

The Barca center, of course, was not at all willing to miss the duel with the eternal rival. A meeting for which he is always especially motivated. Piqu, in fact, did not even undergo medical tests after playing against Naples, but simply did recovery work for two days before returning to the group.

Jordi AlbaFor his part, he did part of the work with the rest of his teammates, but his return to the team should still take a few days. The side suffered a break in the adductor of the right leg on February 15, during the match against Getafe, and is then speculated that he will be about three weeks off. The classic comes too soon.

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