Real Madrid-Barcelona Leader by heart

An hour's head did not give Madrid to become a leader. Half an hour from the heart, yes. That passion encouraged by a subtly cured Bernabeu of his crisis of faith, that air of shirtless, sweeping team, took Barça ahead, which was close to the first half. A stop by Ter Stegen at the end of Isco was the chupinazo that opened the Madrid party. From there it was unstoppable, from Courtois to Mariano, out of the zulo on the way to glory.

The match began with a step forward from Madrid and another back from Barça. Zidane put Marcelo as Vinicius's escort to jump into Semedo's neck, the flank where Barça blanches. And Setién saved himself to the third point to put Vidal as a fourth midfielder, the one with the most fang, by the way. The beginning showed that the state of necessity of Madrid was one point above. Also the initial pressure, a load directed by Valverde, left over from cubic capacity. A frantic activity, a brutal wear and tear behind the goalscorer's production. A spectacle that he contemplated in the Christian box, for whom he still mourns in the Bernabéu, and from a distance, Messi, the exterminating angel, who has completed his thirties seems to fill the parties before deciding.

In any case, it was clear the clash of two worlds, without leaving one to take the reason from the other: the game to the space of Madrid and the game at the foot of Barça, which has been implanted by a pacemaker. There are days around the counter. Even installed on the left wing of the white house, Madrid sought symmetry with Valverde very defeated the right wing that had to cover a Jordi Alba physically held by the hair. The tremendous energy expenditure of the first half left very little for accounting purposes, with some dissatisfaction for Barça, provided with more dynamite: a high volley from Benzema, two shots without aiming far away from Kroos, a rude error from Griezmann sent by Alba, a hand in hand that Arthur did not know how to solve before Courtois, the perfect occasion for the wrong auctioneer, and a sprint of Messi that resolved with a shot without placement, a rarity, which Courtois saved. It was the only time before the break that he escaped from Casemiro's cage, the player who defends without shame that his goal is to steal the ball.

In any case, with the passing of the minutes, the party dropped his belt. Setién's team was exposed to the always unfinished cons of Madrid, with Benzema in aristocratic version, and Zidane's team became dangerously long when he returned, which made him vulnerable. The club arrived more loaded with regrets and complaints Madrid, who rightly claimed the second yellow Alba.

And suddenly, the great Madrid

The second half proved even more changing. Once Madrid's pressure was exhausted due to exhaustion, Barça settled down with the ball and at times seemed to drink the game at a sip, but Zidane's team is fuel. It has more danger than continuity. So a spectacular thread, which started Ter Stegen's Sunday stop, turned the game around.

Madrid entered cyclone mode, left over, recovering very high and arriving as I had not done in the whole game. Piqué took a header from Isco on the line, Benzema had a very clear volley, the Bernabéu got drunk with euphoria. Moments like that, with Cristiano, they prepared anyone's funeral. Now you need carambolas like the one that opened the scoring: Kroos put a putt pass to Vinicius and the shot of this without an angle was fatally touched by Piqué. Then everything seemed possible, until Marcelo won a sprint to Messi to take away the goal. He assumed the leadership of the Benzema party and Barça was at the mercy of that swell. He was saved because Madrid overlapped for the umpteenth time in the last meters until he left Mariano, who scored on the first ball that came to him. Cinderella summarized in two minutes.


Braithwaite (68 ', Vidal), Modric (78 ', Isco), Rakitic (80 ', Arthur Melo), Ansu Fati (80 ', Griezmann), Lucas Vázquez (85 ', Federico Valverde), Mariano (90 ', Benzema)


1-0, 70 ': Vinicius Junior, 2-0, 91 ': Mariano


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Vinicius Junior (10 ', Yellow) Carvajal (18 ', Yellow) Sunrise (18 ', Yellow) Messi (84 ', Yellow