Real Madrid – Barcelona (2-0): The classic sanctifies Vinicius | LaLiga Santander 2019

Real Madrid – Barcelona (2-0)


The Brazilian decides against Barcelona and Mariano scores in his first minutes in the league. Madrid burns its rival in the second half after being dominated by Barcelona and supported by Courtois

Piqu: In the first part I've seen the worst Real Madrid since I'm here

Zidane I looked over the cliff and then pronounced the name of Vinicius. He did it as he does everything else, without altering, as the leader who does not convey the fear he feels. Valuing the decision after the result is an advantage. The only truth is that it was the most fair, because the Brazilian has the passion that does not show Bale, the will to play every action as if it were the last time. The same did Mariano, a junior in search of his life test. That faith is the best that this depleted attack of Madrid has, like a decimated platoon that is preparing to take a hill in inferiority because it drives something that cannot be measured. At 19, Vinicius infects him, facing himself over and over again. In each attack he runs like a desperate man while he is desperate for an ending that he dreams but almost never finds. Until yesterday. He has some literary character that goes ahead of his heart. Be better over time, sure, and be in a Madrid that does not need to throw it to the precipice. Last night he did it, in a whole classic, and I went out much more than alive. Hallowed (Narration and statistics: 2-0)

Just as the Brazilian began until he found a goal scored by the sextant of Kroos and accompanied by the fortune that so many times he had said “I don't love you”. Piqu, among the best of Barcelona, ​​he was wrong in favor of the path of Madrid to glory. Vinicius will be for Madrid after he held it Courtois, a cypress in the goalkeeper, and the white team will find the dreadful vertigo, its pure idiosyncrasy, to shake off the domain of a Bara that is not what it was and that did not have the MessWhat is it? The leadership is the price.

As happened against the City, the Madrid soccer players understood the message that carried the alignment of Vinicius and looked for it again and again. This time with a different outcome. Zidane had redoubled the pepper on the left with the inclusion of Marcelo instead of Mendy, a more defensive alternative, but the Brazilian was also when he ran back, until he reached Messi who was looking for the tie. The technician wanted to provoke chaos on the left with two unclassifiable soccer players, but, perhaps, there were more opportunities in the opposite lane, due to the decision of Quique Setin, what did you get Jordi Alba from the stretcher and put it on the field.

The doubts about Jnior

Decreased the side, the explanation can only be that the centra does not miss the alternative, Jnior Firpo. Valverde I won almost all the Catalan duels, but without productivity later. Getting to the area for the entire first time was like doing it to the void, to the great black hole of the Bernabu. The good match of Benzema, one more, he had no one to accompany him. I knew well Christian, in the box. In the end, seconds were enough for Mariano will show why. Paste, no more.

Zidane knew those difficulties well, so the chances would be greater if he stole near the area of Ter Stegen, with very high pressure, and in two touches get goal situations. To that he sent his own, aggressive. Without fruit at boot, you will find it later. I was successful.

Setin trades fewer balls than his own Guardiola, as the city showed on Wednesday, and this caused certain indecisions at the start of the Barça play, not very precise for some time now. If anything, someone sent the doorman looking for Arturo vidal, a player who looks like a technical counter-style, but who always appears in his lineups. It has not happened only to Setin with the Chilean. What Vidal gives all coaches want. Some say so; others no.

Mariano scores the second goal of Madrid.
Mariano scores the second goal of Madrid.REUTERS

The lack of real danger of Madrid allowed Barcelona to recover and clearly dominate the game already in the equator of the first half, holding the ball by Arthur Y Busquets, and the rear by Piqu. A step forward, Griezmann It moves like a wasp, although always aware of Messi, less threatening than usual. The French found the space for the first occasion, but threw high.

Presented for the counter, the exchange of blows could be lethal for Madrid if it had not been for its goalkeeper. Courtois stopped two balls to Messi, the second tremendous, and won a hand in hand to Arthur. The Zidane team needed rest and, really, I took advantage of it, because in return I managed to snatch Barcelona not only the ball, but the initiative and the intensity.

A shot of Isco He drew Ter Stegen's flight and the occasion, unknown until then, was like a puncture on the Bernabu's nervous system. Vinicius will ride again and Piqu, always on duty, takes another bit of Isco's shot off the line, very active in the media. The second, he could no longer. Err and knocked inwards the shot of the Brazilian, launched into space by Kroos. Barcelona broke down from the meantime. Inert before the pressure of man to man, swallowed Messi by Casemiro, those of Setin barely threatened and eventually fell with the signature of who played the first minutes in a League that does not die prematurely, only changes color.

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