Real Madrid – Atletico (1-0): Benzema decides the derby after the Atletico's pardon | LaLiga Santander 2019

The Bernabu is a bad place to forgive. Being an imp is not incompatible with being polite, which is how they are Modric, Valverde or Benzema. A French bast ball after all those that did not serve Vitolo or belt, the first to reach the goalkeeper in a derby with a Madrid worse than the one that arrived at the Bernabu in the first act, and a better Atletico who these days looks at his tables and crosses himself while wondering what is to be of me. The result, however, does not understand merits, is not pious, does not care about the VAR and does not have to be educated. (Narration and statistics: 1-0)

Victory settles to a practical Madrid and defeat with a good face is of no use to the Atlantic, not even for the critics to relent over Simeone, because his work was better than the expertise of his players in the private preserve of Courtois. The controversial action of Casemiro on Morata, in addition, always leaves an alibi to whoever wants it. If anything, it serves to give the technician reason for his insistence on the search for a scorer. Carrasco It is a patch. In the Champions League, both teams will need it, whatever they say Zidane.

Now we know that the line of five midfielders was not an occurrence, not even a circumstantial alignment. For this Madrid and this Zidane it is, today, the main axis, as evidenced by its use in the most important clashes, when a title was played, in the Super Cup, and in the first derby. The result of the formula, initially, was worse, although the reason is not in the election, but in the dynamics. The system is only a starting point. The execution corresponds to the players and the truth is that the Bernabu does not resemble that of Jeddah. With little search of space and excessive ball at the foot, the line of the white marrow split as the drag mules jump to the sew. ZZ's reaction was immediate when everything was about to be decided thanks to the red and white clemency. Kroos and Isco they stayed in the house at the break and entered Vinicius and Lucas Vzquez.

Marcos Llorente, after the game.EFE

The slowness results in horizontality, a fact that favored the withdrawal of the Atlantic, very safe in the technical during the first time. Without Koke and without Joao Flix, Simeone was missing an offensive compass, like Thomas, very diminished, and Marcos Llorente in the media. Nor is it something that weighs heavily on the Argentine, who sent his own connect with Vitolo, the substitute of meninho portugus They can occupy the same place but they are different models. Where one looks and touches, the other looks, pushes and punches. The canary made an excellent display, from defensive to offensive, to vertebra the Atletico in the first half, grown with its stretches, and combine with Morata and strap. From area to area, Vitolo himself had the best hand in hand of the clash, won by Courtois. It was the first forgiveness of the Atlantic. There will be more, in charge of Salt and, twice, of Correa.

In a critical situation and with Simeone in one of its lowest moments, the stimulation of the derby made its own emerge to offer some of the best minutes of the season, for control and occasions, nothing less than in the Bernabu. Soccer players who had barely appeared, such as former Real Madrid player Marcos Llorente or Sal, improved their version. The good feelings that moved the first time were also bad feelings, knowing Simeone and any Atlantic how the error is paid in the Bernabu.

Morata's change

On the contrary, Zidane's bad feelings were also good feelings, because, despite being dominated and attacked, she was unscathed. As the Frenchman had to see it to make such aggressive changes, very little of the technician's style, that, like the patient farmer, waits until dawn to move the olive tree. For Simeone, however, there was a setback, the possible injury of Morata, one more. The forward had been active, which could have been subject to a penalty by Casemiro, someone who knows them all. The VAR did not believe that the action required a review. More wood. The former madridista Bernabu does not deserve the whistles. The forgotten one Lemar He was chosen and, at first, neither was acert. Bad business for the rojiblancos.

Quite the opposite happened to Madrid, which went from 4-1-4-1 to 4-3-3 in a click. If something has Zidane is that it is not dogmatic about the game models, compared to other coaches who do nothing but talk about the style and its idea as if they were in a small place. When ZZ puts five midfielders it is because he chooses the best, the aristocracy. If they don't work, call the players more vertical and fiery among those who await glory or always carry the knife between their teeth. One of the first is Vinicius; between the seconds, Lucas Vzquez. Bale It was not even among the alternatives. ZZ is so diplomatic when he speaks as severe when he acts. It is like the father who says nothing and says everything with his eyes.

Until then, Madrid had barely whispered to danger with auctions of Sergio Ramos, a defender with a striker's soul, in actions with a standing ball. Very little after the changes, Oblak took out his first hands to stop a poisoned ball from Valverde, a pulmn that gives air to the entire Bernabu. The team had changed and they had done so even more. In Vinicius was the origin of the change in the match. I opened the Brazilian for Mendy, whose center hosted it on the net Benzema, practically indito in the previous minutes. Da a da, another of the realities of Madrid is that the left no longer belongs to Marcelo and all belong to Zidane.

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