Real Madrid and Real Sociedad forget to score

Real Madrid began the defense of the title with a draw in Anoeta against Real Sociedad. It was a Madrid traced to last season. Good football, dominating the games, but without a goal and without that, there is nothing to do. As much as you play, that you dominate that you take a thousand and one corner kicks, if you don't score, all that is worthless. That subject of the goal is something that Real Madrid has pending since Cristiano Ronaldo left. Yes, last season, Benzema and Sergio Ramos saved the ballot, but it is seen that Real Madrid need a scorer yes or yes.

And that Zidane brought out in Anoeta a very offensive team with Benzema, Rodrygo and Vinicius above and behind them, Odegaard who made his debut as a starter. The French coach sacrificed Casemiro and decided to put Kroos and Modric as double pivot. Thus, Real Madrid commanded in the first half from having the ball. The Real Sociedad tried to pressure the exit of the white ball, but stayed at that, in attempts. The whites were in charge of the game, but they could not find the way to score. A lot of control, a lot of dominance, but Zidane's men could not find the way to the desired goal.

The Real Sociedad defended well, waiting for their opportunity that did not come. Benzema was the one who had the clearest chance, but he didn't hit the mark, the same as Vinicius who could also score. Real Sociedad realized that Real Madrid was not as fierce as they painted it and was able to go into the break leading on the scoreboard. Isak had it in the 43rd minute, but Courtois's foot appeared to avoid the San Sebastian goal.

The break was scored without goals and the second half started with another Real chance. It was Barrenetxea who had the 1-0, but his shot went out little. The locals took off the suit of the first half and went for a Madrid that no longer dominated a match that was very equal. The two teams reached the rival area with an ease not seen in the first act. Zidane did not like that, he was seeing that he was losing control of the medullary.

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He removed Modric and Odegaard to put Casemiro and Valverde and gave Marvin the alternative for Rodrygo. A triple change to resurrect Real Madrid against a Real Sociedad in which David Silva made his debut. Imanol reacted to Zidane's changes by bringing in two attacking men, Januzaj and Bautista, to go for the match.

The final stretch of the meeting was marked by the physical. The feeling was that the team that least noticed the fatigue was going to win. Real Sociedad was closer at times, but in the end neither the San Sebastian nor Real Madrid found their way to the goal.

Real Sociedad, 0

Remiro (2); Gorosabel (2), Aritz (3), Le Normand (3), Aihen Muñoz (2); Guevara (2) (Urko (.s.c.) M. 90), Merino (2); Portu (2), Oyarzabal (2) (Januzaj (sc), m. 74), Barrenetxea (2) (Bautista (sc), m. 74) and Isak (1) (David Silva (2), m. 63) .

Real Madrid, 0

Courtois (3), Carvajal (2), Varane (3), Ramos (2), Mendy (2), Modric (2) (Casemiro (1), m.70), Kroos (2), Odegaard (2) ( Valverde (1), m. 70), Rodrygo (1) (Marvin (1), m. 70), Benzema (2) and Vinicius (2) (Arribas (sc), m. 90)

Goals: There was no

Referee: Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano). Yellow to Barrenetxea (m. 24), Mendy (m. 29), Aihen (m. 33), Carvajal (m. 83)

Stadium: Reale Arena. It was played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus