Real Madrid and Atlético have already 'borrowed' the stadium other times …

Enrique Cerezo's offer from the Wanda Metropolitano to Real Madrid so they can play at home (and with the public) in the rojiblanca house has clashed a lot between the fans of one and the other club. The possibility of seeing those of Zidane proclaiming themselves champions in the mattress stadium does not please most. The measure, if carried out, It would be something exceptional, but not an unprecedented fact among the neighbors. Throughout its more than 100 years of history, both have acted as host and guest for the other on more than one occasion and in various venues.

The Metropolitan Stadium that Madrid rejected

This time actually they did not share a house, both as tenants, but they were about. In 1923 the Madrid Stadium (it was called Metropolitan because it was built by the Metropolitan Company, which made the metro then) and the owners' plan is that Atlético (still Athletic), Racing, Gimnástica, Unión Sporting and Real Madrid will play there. However, The whites, that they were looking for a new field because O’Donnell had become too small, they rejected that idea and they unmarked themselves to go to Chamartín. Atlético did stay and after a few years it was already the only team that played there, as the other three were disappearing.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

The infant Don Juan de Borbón makes the Metropolitan's inaugural honor kick.

The infant Don Juan de Borbón makes the Metropolitan's inaugural honor kick.

After the War, Chamartín hosted Atlético

The Civil War practically destroyed the Metropolitan Stadium, located in battle zone. Thus, when the competition returned, Atlético had no place to play, since Vallecas, their second option, was also not conditioned for soccer. Real Madrid accepted that Atlético played in Chamartín in exchange for white members being able to enter for free to the matches. That caused more than one problem, with boos from the stands, replies from the footballers, fines … All in all, despite the fact that the atmosphere was not the friendliest, Atlético Aviación played all of their home games (except the last one, which has already it was in Vallecas) in Chamartín and he was proclaimed league champion.

Athletic Shield / Flag

And in the 40s, Madrid played for the Metropolitano

On May 15, 1946, the old Chamartín began to be demolished and, While the new white stadium was being built, Real Madrid played at home in the Metropolitano. The same case as the previous one, but in reverse. The members of Atleti also entered the matches of the neighboring rival. Madrid played the entire 46-47 and five games of the following, until the Bernabéu opened in December 1947.

OLD PHOTOS Real Madrid-Atlético in the Metropolitano, in 1946.

The Bernabéu was the red and white headquarters for Europe

Atlético was already working on the construction of a new stadium, since the Metropolitan had become obsolete, especially in those times when television was beginning to be important. So, the rojiblancos played some European games at the Bernabéu. Javier Barroso, president of Atleti, had a good relationship with Bernabéu and asked him for that favor. Thus, the white manor played the Atlético-Nuremberg, Recopa semifinals 62-63. Before 100,000 people, mostly red and white, but also a lot of Real Madrid. Atleti won and went to the final. Many came to ask: what if instead of building a new stadium (Calderón) you share it with Madrid? The following year it was repeated, with an Atlético-Juventus Fair Cup, but the rojiblancos were at low hours and the stands were half, with Madrid fans cheering for Juventus for Del Sol. If there was any doubt, Atleti convinced himself that he needed his own home.

Del Bosque debuted at the Calderón

In 93-94, an orange ball to a line judge in a Real Madrid-Tenerife Cup led to the closure of the Bernabéu. So, In the next home game, the white team hosted Rayo Vallecano at Vicente Calderón. That March 12, 1994 was also the premiere of Del Bosque as coach of Real Madrid. Despite not being their usual home, the white team won 5-2.

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Prosinecki scores a penalty to Wilfred in the Calderón.

Atleti turned to La Peineta … and the Bernabéu

The 1996-97 began and Atleti, as the current League and Cup champion, was undergoing reforms at the Calderón. The season started with the Super Cup and the rojiblancos played at home in La Peineta, the origin of the Metropolitan Wanda. Curiously, the first leg at Barça's house was not at the Camp Nou either, but in Montjuic. By the time the League started, the Calderón turf was still missing, so Atleti had to start at the Bernabéu against Celta (2-0). The rojiblancos paid for the rent, but Gil was delighted: “The employees have shown me that they are very nice people. I have felt at home ”.