Real likes for Kubo

At Real Madrid they are delighted with Kubo. They were aware of the great talent of the Japanese, but it was surprising how quickly he adapted to European football. It already happened in the summer, when the initial plan was for him to stay a course in Castilla but when he saw his level it was decided that he would leave on loan to Mallorca. And his first year in Primera has exceeded all expectations. Despite the vermillion being in relegation positions, Kubo is performing at a high level.

This has caused offers to the Real Madrid offices to constantly receive offers to ask the Japanese on loan next season. In the white club they want me to go one step further and next year go to a team that struggles to play European competitions. In that sense, Real Sociedad is the most popular destination in the Bernabéu offices as next step for him.

Relations between the two clubs are excellent. In fact, the idea is for Odegaard to stay there for another year. Unlike what has happened with other transfers (Lunin, Vallejo …) in San Sebastián, they do keep their word to ask for footballers to give them many minutes. It is a team that is not afraid to bet on young people. By asking Kubo they have transferred to Madrid the intention that he have many minutes there and the Madrid leaders consider that the attractive style of soccer they practice is perfect for the progression of Japanese.

However, the decision will be up to Kubo. Although that is another of the points in which Madrid is delighted with him: always goes hand in hand with the club. He is a young man very willing to accept advice. If you choose another of the many proposals that you have, it will be respected, but in the Bernabéu they are aware that the advice they give you will have a lot of weight.


Kubo is unlikely to go abroad, because he prefers to continue his adaptation to Europe in Spanish football, since his goal is to succeed in Madrid in the future. But of the options that have come from abroad, the one I like the most is Milan. Boban, who has already left the Italian club, He traveled personally to Madrid at the beginning of the year to request the transfer of the Japanese. In the club they transferred to him that the decision is Kubo's, but the strong interest of the Italians in hiring him was highly appreciated. The Japanese has no intention of leaving for Italy, but if he changes his mind, Milan is a destination that is also viewed with very good eyes at the Bernabéu.