Real Betis and Finetwork rescue Galician fishing nets to turn them into goals


Real Betis and the Spanish fiber and mobile company Finetwork have teamed up to rescue fishing nets made by hand by Galician neteiras and turn them into the new nets for the goals of the Benito Villamarín stadium.

This initiative, channeled through the ‘Forever Green’ club platform, has given a second life to 100 kilos of netting from marine waste, which means no longer emitting 166.37 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

To make it possible, they had the cooperation of a group of neteiras from different fishing villages in Galicia, who carried out the artisan transformation of the meshes, which are already installed in the men’s team stadium and also in the women’s team.

In this way, Real Betis becomes an icon of sports sustainability, also contributing to the elimination of this type of pollution, which poses a great threat to marine species.

Finetwork’s head of communication, media and CSR, Alejandro Delgado, expressed his satisfaction with the initiative. “For us, carrying out this action together with Real Betis and its ‘Forever Green’ platform was something we had been thinking about for some time, since we share our involvement with sustainability and our interest in increasing the positive impact we generate on the environment. In Finetwork firmly believes in our motto ‘Better is possible’, and with this initiative, we contribute positively to the materialization of this,” he said.

The manager of the Real Betis Foundation, the entity that manages the Verdiblanco club’s environmental sustainability platform, Rafael Muela, also highlighted the importance of the initiative. “With this action, we broaden our reach by carrying out actions that also take care of our seas. It is very important to adhere to initiatives such as these that work to reduce the impact of waste in the sea and make the great social mass that make up our fans aware of the importance of also taking care of our oceans,” he said.

“Furthermore, doing this hand in hand with our sponsors once again reaffirms the objective of ‘Forever Green’, harnessing the power of football and the companies that are part of it, to save our planet from the effects of climate change. We feel very proud that our main sponsor Finetwork is characterized by this social commitment,” he said.