Real and Odegaard, and not Madrid, decide on the Norwegian's injury

The presence of Martin
Odegaard In the match that the Real plays this afternoon (7:30 pm) against Espanyol, it will be an unknown until the end. Imanol
Sheriff He wants to wait for him and will not offer the call until about an hour before the clash, decisive for both squads. The Norwegian suffers a patellar tendinopathy in his right knee that causes him serious discomfort. The Real's medical services have explained that it is the txuri urdin club itself, along with the player and his medical advisers, and not Real Madrid, who are making the decisions related to the ailment and treatment. The footballer is on loan from Real Madrid for this season and in principle for the next, but the white club still has to decide whether to recover him or not this summer. In Anoeta they act, as far as his injury is concerned, as if he would always stay at Real.

The participation of Odegaard in this match against Espanyol and in the following ones it will depend exclusively on their tolerance to pain and the technical decisions they make Imanol considering the particular circumstances. The footballer carries these annoyances from the beginning of the season, although they began with intensity in October and November, when he had to stop two games, and they were reproduced in their crudest form in January. La Real has been trying all kinds of treatments, but none of them is 100% effective.

Drammen's crack returned relatively well from confinement, but in the match against Real Madrid he realized that pain was weighing on his performance. Against Celta he felt very uncomfortable again and against Getafe he did not play a single minute. The footballer traveled to Barcelona on Tuesday to explore other therapeutic possibilities. At the moment, the operating room is ruled out.