Reactions, controversy, analysis and comments from Liverpool – Real Madrid


The Madrid It has two templates: the formal and the royal. In the first, numerous, are all those who are on the club's payroll. In the second, much smaller, those to whom Zidane he would entrust his life. Clearly belongs to the former Odriozola, the eye of the hurricane, the center of discord, who in the last two months has played 47 minutes … when the starting right-back was injured.

The dilemma of Zidane it was important. If your defense is broken and that of the rival, who has two goals behind, also, what is the way? The armor behind with what is available even at the cost of changing roles for many footballers or simply replacing the lost piece to maintain the attack plan, knowing that this supposes a very high vulnerability behind? In short, avoid goals or return goals. And he has chosen to return goals, with his trident, but changing the role to Valverde, which we never saw from the side. Even so, without a third center-back, Real Madrid feel calmer if they don't play Odriozola.

Luis Nieto, chronicler of Real Madrid in AS, on the starting eleven of Real Madrid.