Rayo leaves the playoff

The defeat of Rayo in Sabadell (2-0) has only confirmed the bad streak that the franjirrojos are going through, which they say goodbye to sixth place. A position they had occupied the last thirteen days. The Vallecanos have been squandering their advantage – they have chained four games without winning: with two draws and two defeats – and the inertia of Girona has taken them ahead, removing them from the promotion positions – in which they have been immersed 76% of the season – five months later. You would have to go back to the beginning of December to see them out of there. Right now, those of Iraola are located seventh, after twenty uninterrupted days among the top six.

The playoff has been the regular habitat of the Strip this season. It's more, the rayistas got to be placed leaders of Second in the second day. If they reached heaven on that occasion, they touched hell on the twelfth day when they plummeted to tenth place. During this season 20-21, Madrid have occupied the fourth position six times; the fifth, two and the sixth, 19, which represents 51% of the total.

Lightning Shield / Flag

For Rayo, the next duel against Leganés takes a final look, given that it remains one point behind Sporting and Girona, fifth and sixth respectively, having the goalaverage lost with the Asturians but won with the Catalans. In this last section of the course, the Franjirrojos receive Leganés, Oviedo and Lugo in Vallecas and visit the fiefdom of Fuenlabrada and Castellón. “You have to keep working and trusting. Psychologically you don't know how this is going to come to you. We've been up and down for a long time and seeing ourselves out of the playoff can make us understand that we must add ourselves, not wait for the results of others,” confessed the coach. Iraola.