Ravens fans mourn the loss of their Super Bowl LVIII dream and think about Lamar Jackson’s performance.

Ravens fans mourn the loss of their Super Bowl LVIII dream and think about Lamar Jackson’s performance.

Many Ravens fans left M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday before their team’s AFC Championship Game was over because they were sad that they didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, the Ravens bowed to the Chiefs 17–10. At the end of the 3 p.m. game, some of the team’s biggest fans were in tears.

The Ravens gave up touchdowns on Kansas City’s first two possessions and sometimes looked a little panicked after that.

Baltimore had the best record as well as point differential in the league during the regular season, thanks in large part to star quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Jackson might receive his second MVP award. In the bad game, he even had the chance to throw the puck to himself.

Baltimore made careless mistakes the whole game. In the third quarter, when the Ravens were down 10 points, rookie Zay Flowers grabbed a pass that went 54 yards to the Kansas City 10-yard line. After the play, Flowers was flagged for taunting.

Fans in Baltimore were excited to host an AFC championship game for the first time since January 1971, when the Colts defeated the Oakland Raiders. But that was just one of many frustrating moments for them.

It was 20 of 37 for 272 yards and a touchdown for Jackson, but Baltimore never really took advantage of what it thought was its advantage on the ground.

Jackson caught a 13-yard pass under one of his own tipped passes in the first half, but he also lost the ball twice.

With 6:45 left in the game, he forced a pass into heavy defense and was picked off in the end zone.

At the same time, Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes completed his first 11 passes. Even though the Ravens mostly stopped Kansas City from scoring after that, the damage had already been done.

“I’m upset,” Ravens supporter Clint Fleming said. “Great season. Even though it was fun, it wasn’t quite enough. We continue to adore the team, though. We’ll always do it. We’ll be back next year.

As Ravens fans slowly left the stadium, they said it was “sad” and “frustrating.” Ravens supporter Kwan Johnson said, “I’m a little low-key sad.” “I’m a little sad, but we’ll be back.” We’ll be there again.”

Esther Kane Corbett, a Ravens fan, said it was hard to see how the failed Super Bowl bid affected people. “I was unable to glance at some kids due to they were crying, and I was reluctant to start crying,” she told me.

Ravens fans were in a good mood before the game. Even though they were feeling mixed, some of them stopped to think about how Jackson had led the team forward and brought it closer to winning the Lombardi Trophy.

When the Baltimore Ravens scored their first touchdown in the AFC Championship game, they made fun of the Kansas City Chiefs or their fans. They stood in a line, crossed their arms, and swayed about as if they were “swag surfing.”

Wide receiver Zay Flowers caught the ball in the end zone in the first quarter of the game on January 28.

He then did a special dance with his teammates Gus Edwards, Odell Beckham Jr., Isaiah Likely, Mark Andrews, and Tyler Linderbaum to celebrate.

The Chiefs Kingdom has made “swag surfing” their signature dance to do when the Missouri side wins a game.

Taylor Swift has been a big fan of the Chiefs since she started dating defensive end Travis Kelce in 2023. She has even tried the move.

Swift is also at the game on Sunday. She is sitting in a private suite at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium via Brittany, 28, and Keleigh Teller, Miles Teller’s wife. It was clear that she loved Kelce a lot when he scored the initial touchdown for the game.

The cameras moved to show Swift cheering loudly in her private room as Kelce, 34, celebrated to the end zone. She seemed to say, “Let’s go,” and then she and her friends gave each other high fives.

Isiah Pacheco of the Chiefs also scored a touchdown within the first half of Sunday’s game. Swift flashed 10s with her hands to honor Pacheco’s jersey number.