Rauw Alejandro’s sister charges against Rosalía: “Whoever jumps from bed to bed deluding hearts, corrupts the soul”

Her name is Paola, she is the sister of the Puerto Rican ragpicker and this Thursday she has left her followers on social networks ojipláticos with a message that many have interpreted as a full-fledged ‘zasca’ to the one who was about to become her sister-in-law. “One of the most horrible things that exists is to play with the genuine feelings of others.”

The sister of Raw Alejandro, whom Rosalía left after three years of relationship and with an engagement ring, launched a reflection on heartbreak and pointed out to those who use it to satisfy their own needs and traumas: “Many do not like to take their heart, fall in love with it, excite it and throw it on the floor. Please, do not do that with anyone. Many are playing the role of lovers but what they really do not want is to accept the lack of need for affection and attention that they have”.

Paola has added: “Whoever jumps from bed to bed and excites hearts corrupts their souls and corrupts the souls of others. Accept your need for attention and affection. You may be damaging the hearts of others.” And she ends: “Do not use anyone as a remedial band-aid or as a rehabilitation center.”

He has not pronounced the name of Rosalía but many have begun to ask if the message was for her. Far from denying it, Paola has played the mistake: “It is not specific advice for anyone, but whoever needs it should take it.” And she has finished off with the same phrase with which she spoke after the breakup of Rauw Alejandro and the Catalan artist: “Each one heals in his own way. We continue to heal.”