Raúl García's offside does not invalidate Ramos' penalty

The move between Sergio Ramos and Raúl García at the end of Athletic-Real Madrid (0-1) it has caused a cascade of criticism for the refereeing performance for not having called a penalty. The Athletic player was offside, but that does not invalidate the Madridista's foul.

In the 74th minute, a ball into the white area ended with Raúl García on the grass by a stomp from Ramos. Apart from the involuntary defense of Madrid, it does not matter the position of Raúl García because the rule has changed. In the Regulations this is stated: “If a player who is in an offside position moves towards the ball with the intention of playing it and is the object of a foul before playing or trying to play the ball, or contesting it to an opponent, said foul will be penalized for having committed before the offside offense. “

González González did not indicate anything and the VAR a priori also did not indicate that there could be an infringement or that it should be reviewed. Both González and Gil Manzano, in charge of the video-arbitration, therefore, erred. However, They were right in the penalty indicated above on Marcelo.