Raúl García defines what Marcelino is like

Marcelino Garcia Toral has hit the key. Athletic has won the Super Cup against Real Madrid and Barça, achieved five consecutive victories among the three competitions before losing on Sunday at the Camp Nou and above all it has changed the face of the Bilbao team.

Raul Garcia has regained prominence after his arrival, with five goals scored, two against Real Madrid in the Super Cup, as many against Getafe in the League and one against Ibiza in the Cup.

“For me the mental and football issues go hand in hand. When things don't work out, the mental aspect is not easy to reset. Now everything has been put together and mentally frees you. I am being very liberated mentally and that is good to be able to play ”, said the player in Radio Euskadi.

Winning the Super Cup was one of his goals. “I have won titles with other clubs, winning with different teams gives you an extra. Now we have another title ahead. It's in my head, but above all I was saddened by not being able to celebrate the Super Cup with our people. When your hobby is there it is much more valuable ”, he added.

Raul He has also talked about how it is Marcelino on the bench. “For me it is essential that any person go face-to-face, he is intelligent, from the first moment he arrived he told us things very clearly, that the demand will always be there, but that everything can be debated. From the beginning it fit in very well. He is a very close person and there is his resume ”, he explained.

Still, he does not want to talk about what has changed with the change of coach. “They do not like to talk about change because it seems that it is to speak ill of Gaizka (Garitano). When I arrive Gaizka there was also change and the team improved. It's trusting something you didn't have because he's a new coach. There is no need to go any further. The team has the confidence and that is seeing the results ”, he explained.