Raúl Entrerríos: “It is a pride that we have achieved”

MADRID, Jan. 26 (SportsFinding) –

The captain of the Spanish handball team, Raúl Entrerríos, was very excited after the title of European champions won this Sunday against Croatia, defending the crown that maintains the work and commitment of the last “championships” and that takes away the spine in an unbeatable way of being in Tokyo 2020.

“It is difficult to describe now what I feel. I am very happy, it is a pride that we have achieved. Happy for all this group, everything that has worked these championships. The bad thing that we have gone through we already know all why, it was very deserved that we were classified and more in this way, “he said in statements to TVE.

Entrerríos, who played his 38th European match at 38 and is the only player left in the selection of the Spain world champion 2005, did not let go of the bad memory of the absence in Rio de Janeiro and celebrated a new title Continental as a ticket to the Olympic event for next summer.

In addition, the captain of the 'Hispanics' acknowledged that the game was tough as expected. “It was a game as it has been seen that it was going to be very close, difficult to break. When we had an advantage, there was a lot of time left. We had patience and consistency at key moments, and the bit of luck to have. The team has worked well the whole Championship and we are just winners, “he said.