Raúl de Tomás in his labyrinth

Espanyol will face five limit weeks from Saturday the 13th, in which they will have to add practically the same points in 11 games than in the previous 27 to continue being a First team. An impossible mission if the arrival of Raúl de Tomás had not occurred, a footballer capable of winning matches with his facility to score goals. The parakeet team will monitor its performance, and the economy will also depend on it.

RdT cost Espanyol 20 million euros, the most expensive signing in history. To this figure we must add one million more of the training rights, which the parrot club itself assumed. And there are another 2.5 that remain in the air, depending on the performance of Madrid. A million will depend on salvation, the other on whether the player reaches ten games (he accumulates six in LaLiga and one in the Cup), while the 500,000 euros are contingent on him scoring five goals (he has four in the League and one in the cup): an amount that would have already been reached. These last two will be reality except for injury to the player and do not depend on salvation.

The Tomás operation should be a lifeline for the club, although in the event that permanence is not achieved it will enter a maze. The general director, Josep Maria Duran, commented that the wages of the winter signings already contemplated a hypothetical decrease, although the opinion of the footballer is pending from the end of LaLiga. At 25 years old (October 26), RdT would see his career suffer again, and although he is still contractually linked, he will have to talk about his situation.

Spanish Shield / Flag

The COVID-19, which will affect the soccer economy, may also prevent a future sale of the player for an amount higher than what Espanyol paid, taking into account the austere market that is approaching according to UEFA calculations and the loss from the income of most clubs. Ahead are Espanyol five tachycardic weeks in which salvation will be at stake and, as a consequence, the future situation of RdT, the largest investment in the history of the club.