Raquel Bollo and Gloria Camila went to see La Pantoja: the comment of Ortega Cano’s daughter

This Saturday, Isabel Pantoja gave a concert at the La Cartuja Stadium, in Seville, with around 3,000 spectators who came to support her and enjoy her songs. Celebrating her 50 years on stage in style, the artist left her entire audience speechless with the visit of Shirley Bassey, although she was not the only one famous.

Many well-known faces attended this show, among them we could see Raquel Bollo with her daughter Alma, Gloria Camila, the singer Manuel Lombo or Cristobal Soria. This is how they told us, before and after, about the tonadillera’s concert.

“Don’t ask me about anything, I’m coming to see her and I don’t know anything or anything,” Raquel answered when we asked her about the absence of Isabel’s two children on such an important night and assured us that she didn’t know anything about whether Kiko Rivera or Isa Pi could go to the concert: “I don’t know anything about anything, now, don’t ask me because I have no idea.”

Despite the distance she has with the artist, Raquel could miss the concert and apologized for the absence of her son, Manuel Cortés: “I come to see her, I haven’t seen her sing in a long time, she is in Seville and we have to see her, no “No, Manuel, Manuel is working I think.”

“Let’s see, fan, not as such, but I like it”

Besides, Gloria Camilla She was seen for the first time at an Isabel concert: “Have you seen? They offered it to me and I love it because I’ve never come and I feel like it,” although she does not consider herself a big fan of the singer, she confessed that: “Let’s see, fan, As such, no, but I like it and I know some of them, mind you.”

The young woman also gave her opinion about the absence of Kiko and Isa at her mother’s concert: “Well, family is very important, we have to be united, thank you,” although she preferred not to comment too much about it since she does not like to talk about family. from anyone: “I’m not going to get involved there, just as I don’t like people getting involved in mine.”

Cristóbal Soria responded like this when asked what he thinks about Kiko not going to Isabel Pantoja’s concert: “I love you all very much and I prefer to stay out of all this” and he assured that “I come to see Isabel, an artist like Isabel, and more so in Seville, it is mandatory to come see it.”

Another of the spectators was Manuel Lombo, who confessed that he could not miss the artist’s concert in Seville: “Of course in Seville, plus this legendary artist and of course from Seville, of course. I think we are going to enjoy it.”

After the show, Raquel Bollo and her daughter Alma left very happy and the designer confessed that “she is a very complete artist and plays all the genres: from boleros, mariachis, ballads, couplets, a review of her artistic career and the truth that she has “It was very good, 4 hours of concert.”

For her part, Gloria Camila reflected on how much she misses her mother and sends some advice to Kiko Rivera and Isa Pi: “How lucky they are to be able to go and enjoy it and they don’t; and others of us who don’t have it and we cannot, and it has made me very sad, the truth is” and he emphasizes that “I encourage everyone to enjoy the time with their loved ones, because time is passing. We must take advantage of the time with our loved ones, time flies “Time is nothing.”