Rapper Arkano becomes the third confirmed contestant of 'Survivors': the details of this new signing

Arcana becomes the third confirmed contestant of Survivors 2024. The rapper and freestyler will change his famous cockfights for another much tougher adventure: his time in Honduras.

The artist, who has broken the world record for improvising rhymes, now has another objective: to survive as long as possible in the Cayos Cochinos. “I broke the world record, after spending more than 24 hours improvising rhymes, but now it's about surviving and I'm a survivor“, he expressed very optimistically in his presentation video.

Likewise, the singer suggests that he is not afraid of intermittent fasting, one of the biggest challenges of the contest. “Also, I know what intermittent fasting is and they tell me that it is summer time in Honduras. It's okay, now Hurricane Arkano is going to arrive“, he pointed out in a rhyming way.

His passage through Survivors It will not be its premiere on the small screen. The young man, who makes a living from rap, already has several small screen programs on his resume. One of the last ones in which he participated was MasterChef Celebrity 6where he was the tenth expelled.

Arkano was born in 1994, in Alicante. Since he was little his life has been linked to rap. In 2008 he faced his first cockfight and in 2016 he broke a Guinness record for improvising 24 hours 34 minutes and 27 seconds in Puerta del Sol.