Raphael turns 80 with the idea of ​​continuing in the gap: “I don’t know the word retired”

This May 5th, Raphael celebrates his eightieth birthday. Unlike many artists his age, who live comfortably withdrawn in his house, the boy from Linares maintains his intention to continue taking his art and his voice around the world. And he says it very clearly, without the slightest hesitation: “The public loves me, my voice does not fail me, I am strong, excited and with a lot of encouragement. Retirement? There will not be one”sentence.

Also in this 2023 he celebrates his sixty years of profession, he is one of the singers who has worked for the most decades, with a career that has not known obstacles. He was only retired for a while when he entered the operating room for a liver transplant in April 2003. “That’s where my second life began. I slept very badly and drank small bottles from hotel mini bars at night to sleep better , without realizing that I was rotting an essential organ. Since I was transplanted I was able to sleep like a dormouse”, declares the Andalusian.

Starting in July, a long tour of Spain awaits him, for the moment, seventeen concerts that will take him, among other cities, to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Jerez de la Frontera, Pamplona and Marbella.

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Ticket prices are between forty-five and one hundred and sixty-five euros, depending on the city where they perform. And as an anecdote, tell that in December he will hold a concert in Orense, in which the majority of attendees will be single. It is the first time in his career that Raphael sings for a group made up mostly of singles.