Rangnick: the Leizpig architect unleashes the war in San Siro

Ralf Rangnick lived this Tuesday, surely, one of the happiest nights since in 2012 Red Bull changed his life. In 2009, the Austrian energy drink company wanted to enter German soccer and settled in Leizpig, where it bought its place to play the Oberliga creating RB Leizpig. Three years later, after winning the Cup with Raúl y Jurado's Schalke 04 in 2011, the one from Backnang entered the Red Bull factory, where he has performed successfully.

Under the orders of former Liverpool player Gérard Houiller, football director for the Red Bull group, Rangnick became the sports director for both projects of the energy brand in Europe: Salzburg and Leizpig. Upon arrival, he redefined the transfer policy in Germany, betting on young talent for its development and subsequent sale.

The list of players who reached the elite after passing there is long and outstanding, being Haaland together with Timo Werner the last two jewels in the crown that also feature the European champions with Liverpool, Sadio Mane and Naby Keita. Elite that he never approached as a player, staying in semi-professional categories of German soccer.

Coat of Arms / Flag RB Leipzig

In 2016, the mission for which he was hired was completed within the time frame set by the owners.. The logo of the red bulls was in the Bundesliga, something for which he was even forced to go from the offices to the bench, where he later also opted for emerging talents such as that of Nagelsmann, whom he has put at the helm of the ship at its peak after its success at Hoffenheim.

His good work, beyond the historical classification for the Champions League quarterfinals, has caught the attention of several clubs (United, included) and Ivan Gazidis, CEO of Milan, is willing to pay any price to take it as a 'manager' to the English, that is, coach plus sports director. So much so that it has caused a tremendous discrepancy with the Milan sports management, occupied by Boban and Maldini, by making this decision and forcing them to dispense with Pioli without being consulted. Zvonimir has already left San Siro and Paolo, according to the Italian press, will assess his situation at the end of the season.

The Croatian did not hesitate to stoke Gazidis after what happened. “Rangnick? They closed an agreement with him in December without telling us anything,” he said. for Il Giornale after purchasing the club's communication policy with the “North Korea” regime.

A civil war between two legends and a 'newcomer' by a Ralf Rangnick, who also hides his taste for a change of scenery and who will be given full powers in San Siro for reconstruction. “Can I be someone who has influence in the development areas of the whole club? Otherwise you would only be getting half of what I can be able to give,” he said months ago when talking about a possible interest by Manchester United in your hiring in these same terms.

In Milan, you will have to carry the heavy slab of history, just the one you had to build in Leizpig.