Rangers win. Filip Chytil is out for the season after having trouble recovering from a possible concussion.

Rangers win. Filip Chytil is out for the season after having trouble recovering from a possible concussion.

The Rangers had to arrive at decisions about Filip Chytil that were based on his well-being rather than the team’s need to sign a player.

Right away, this turned into a situation where the Rangers as well as Chytil had to put the person wearing the jersey first.

That’s why the club officially said on Sunday afternoon that Chytil would miss the rest of the season, only two days following the day the Czech center had a setback in recovering from what they thought was a concussion.

“Fillip Chytil will not be able to play for the rest of the season,” the team said in a statement. “He was carefully checked out after his recent injury from an upper-body injury.”

“Filippo’s health has been the organization’s top priority all over this process, and we will keep on doing everything we can to help him get better so that he can play again in the 2024–25 season.”

Chytil came back to New York early last week after spending about three weeks working with Jaromir Jagr in his native nation of Czechia. He has clear plans to return this season.

When he returned to practice with the Rangers in a red non-contact jersey, head coach Michael Laviolette told the media that the team was planning to do more with him.

According to Chytil, the last three months have been the hardest of his life. He also said that it has been hard for his family, close friends, and the whole NY Rangers organization.

“But we have to stay positive, even when things are hard, and think about what’s ahead of us!” Thank you all for the nice notes! I’ll be stronger than ever when I come back!”

At 24 years aged, this is likely Chytil’s fourth known concussion in his seven-year NHL career. When someone gets more than one concussion, the side effects get worse. Also, the effects can get worse over time.

Chytil slipped and fell on the frozen surface, but it’s not clear what happened. He was down on the ice for a while before two teammates helped him get up. Chytil was checked out right away at the arena and then sent back to his home in New York.

“Fil was dealing with an injury that set him back,” Rangers coach John Laviolette said after their 5-2 loss to Vegas. “He was checked out this morning along will continue to be checked out.” He is in New York at his home.

Chytil hasn’t played since November 2 and got back to New York on Monday after three weeks of resting at his home in Czechia during the off-season.

The 24-year-old Chytil and the Glasgow Rangers were looking forward to his return this season after he said he was making good progress in his recovery.

Chytil skated with the team for the second time on Friday. He did an optional morning skate in the extra players before the game that night.

The team says he has an upper-body injury, but sources say it is related to the head injuries he’s had in the past. In 10 games this season, Chytil has set up six goals. He signed a deal for four years, and this is his first year.

The bad news from the New York Rangers on Sunday was that forward Filip Chytil will be out for the rest of the season. He fell during a Friday morning skate and stayed on the ice for a while before someone helped him off.

The team first said it was an upper-body injury, but they have since clarified that it is a major setback in Chytil’s recovery from what they think is a concussion.