Rafael Amargo’s former lawyer denounces “threats” and announces legal actions against the dancer

The ‘tranquility’ lasted a month for the dancer, who was released from the Soto del Real prison on April 12 after five months in preventive custody. If only eight days ago he knew that he had been acquitted of the crime of drug trafficking, this Tuesday he found himself with a new judicial front: the lawsuit Ana Isabel Pena, his former representative and former lawyer. The reason? Go to the set Friday behind their backs.

Peña attended the program this Tuesday Together and has accused the dancer of breaching his representation contract by not informing him of his visit to the Telecinco program. When he demanded the corresponding amount, he received a very harsh message from Amargo: “You are a shameless and unpresentable person. I signed under pressure and medication. Money is earned by working, not by putting your hand in. You have disgraced me, blasphemed me, and insulted my father.” sick…”, said the artist.

Ana Isabel has responded emphatically: “I sign contracts every day and I don’t need a notary, as he says, to do so. Furthermore, if he claims that he had taken substances when he signed it, his statements in the judicial procedure should also be reviewed. No?”. He has also explained that the problems with Rafa come from afar: “He is influenced by a certain environment. His father is not like that. It is his father who does not want his son to work for a woman. He says that I insulted him but it was the other way around”. And she added: “I have negotiated a documentary about his life, but then he shows up with another supposed representative.”

The lawyer assures that she has received “threats” in recent weeks and has already taken legal measures in this regard: “There are more contracts. I do not want to make Rafael García famous. I am going to take measures, not only against this character, but against the entire who has tried to insult me, slander me and has tried to harm me.