Rafael Amargo’s brother speaks: “We have not gone to see him in prison, we have fought a lot so that he did not end up there”

Two weeks have passed since the bailaor was imprisoned for “risk of flight” after having missed some court dates to attest to his presence while awaiting trial. Those around him experience the situation with anguish and great sadness. This is what his brother Miguel said this Friday: “We haven’t gone to see him in prison, we don’t have the strength.”

Miguel, who works as a cameraman on the program YAShas broken his silence and has acted as a family spokesperson to explain how they are experiencing this situation: “I feel helpless because I would like to do something more but I can’t, it doesn’t depend on us. We haven’t seen it yet, my parents are octogenarians and they don’t “They want to see him there, they don’t want to see him in those conditions.”

He confesses that they have been suffering for years due to Amargo’s addictions: “Rafa is not a bad person, he has his ups and downs but he has a big heart. He has been declining, entering paths that he shouldn’t have and there he is. We can advise him and help him.” him, but if he doesn’t want to…” And he has told: “We have done a lot to keep him from going to jail and we have fought a lot, we have tried to make him understand things but he did not want to”. Dejected, Miguel added: “I think this has been a strong moral downturn. I didn’t see him well lately, he was the life of the party before, everyone loved him. I don’t know what happened to him. head. He is sick and this illness is very complicated because he has to be the first to admit it and take the step. I hope you realize it. “We have already done everything and whoever knows us knows it.”

The family does not lose hope: “You never know. Hopefully this time in prison will help him think and rehabilitate.” And he assures that they will return to his side when they gather strength: “This is a tsunami that enters you and destroys you. When it happens, there is nothing left, you have to rebuild everything. We will do it. When some time passes and we recover, we will go to the prison to see him and support him.”